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Sunday, May 31 - Discover the Forest, Field, and Farm Kindergarten
Saturday, June 6 - Discover the Forest, Field, and Farm Kindergarten
Tuesday, June 9 - Discover the Rose Kindergarten
Saturday, June 27 - Discover the Rose Kindergarten
* Individual Tours Available For All Grade Levels PK-12 *

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At Kimberton Waldorf School, we provide a rich academic curriculum taught through the prism of creative thinking. The reason is simple: Mathematics requires creative problem-solving skills. Physics requires creative problem-solving skills. And creating a sustainable future certainly requires creative problem-solving skills.

The key is inspiration. This isn’t a new idea. Nor is it alternative. This is the wisdom of a nearly century-old approach to education that has become the fastest growing education movement worldwide.

Inspired students are engaged learners. They are involved learners. They are interested learners. When they graduate from Kimberton to attend some of the nation’s leading universities, they do so as creative thinkers whose capacities for both analysis and imagination are not only treasured, but sought.

Kimberton Waldorf School has recently produced Fulbright, Rhodes, and Truman Scholars; a National Book Award Winner; and a U.S. State Department Consul General.

From early childhood to the grade school to the high school, Waldorf Education prepares our young people to meet the demands of the future by helping them develop the tools to be nimble thinkers, creators, and doers.

Now Enrolling
Contact the Admissions Office today to learn more about our incredibly rich programs.

610.933.3635, ext. 108

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