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Kimberton Waldorf School, founded in 1941, is the second oldest Waldorf school in North America. We are located in Chester County, PA on a beautiful 430-acre property that includes fields, woods, creeks, and the Seven Stars biodynamic dairy farm just across the road. We offer a full Waldorf curriculum including music, orchestra, gardening, eurythmy, handwork, woodwork, drama, and athletics. Kimberton is a founding member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and is accredited by AWSNA and the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. For more information, call 610.933.3635.

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A Human Becoming

When people ask me what I am, I usually answer in the expected way that I am a veterinarian. But, that is such a small part of the whole. The truth is that I am a human becoming. I went to a large public school in Massachusetts until middle school when I transferred to a Waldorf school. That move changed everything about the human I was becoming. I have gone through many different schools, universities, courses and seminars. Most of them ask me for my support and money each year. They all want me to remember them. I do, but not like I remember my high school. All of those schools and seminars taught me only knowledge. [Waldorf] taught me living.


Rachel Blackmer, Veterinarian, Cape Wildlife Center Director Waldorf Graduate November 17, 2016

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410 West Seven Stars Road Phoenixville, PA 19460Mailing Address: PO Box 350 Kimberton, PA 19442 [email protected]