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Early Childhood Faculty

Parent-Child Classes: Molly Brett
Rosebud Garden Farmhouse: Chinyelu Kunz, Emily Jones
Rosebud Garden Cottage: Ona Wetherall, Lia Dancey
Red Rose Kindergarten: Gwyn Linsalata, Kristen McDowell
White Rose Kindergarten: Wendy Dougherty, Lisa Platt
Forest, Field, and Farm Kinder: Eileen O’Meacham, Candy Neely


Class Teachers

First Grade: Tammy Davis
Second Grade: Gerry LoDolce
Third Grade: Leigh Hopkins
Fourth Grade: Sudha Gutti
Fifth Grade: Karen Hite
Sixth Grade: Carmen Maciarello
Seventh Grade: Peter Lehman
Eighth Grade: Patricia Blench


Class Advisors

Ninth Grade: Andy Dill, Celia Martin, Tonya Rice
Tenth Grade: Sean Cook, Matt Kearis
Eleventh Grade: Dan Smith, Laura Turner
Twelfth Grade: Elisabeth Burgess, Hezi Haut, Anna Zay


Special Subject & High School Main Lesson

Art: Sean Cook
Athletic Director: Elizabeth Cuesta Clough
Botany: Celia Martin
Chemistry: Dan Smith
College Guidance: Anna Zay
Drama: Angie Foster, Raymonde van der Stok Fried
English: Matthew Kearis, Monika Marcinowski
Environmental Studies: Andy Dill
Eurythmy 1-6: John Holmes
Eurythmy 7-12: Raymonde van der Stok Fried
Gardening: Celia Martin
German 1-5: Susan Schwaneflugel
German 6-12: Elisabeth Burgess
Greek 5: Andy Dill
Handwork: Anna Hoffman, Susan Schwaneflugel
Handwork 1-5: Tjitske Lehman
History: Anna Zay
Human Geography 12: Effie Scott
Humanities: Anna Zay
Latin 6: Andy Dill
Library: Jodi Carnes
Life Sciences 9-12: Andy Dill
Math: Hezi Haut, Tonya Rice, Dan Smith
Metalworking: Sean Cook
Music: Susan Schwaneflugel
Music 1-6: Esther Walsh
Orchestra 4-12: Esther Walsh
PE: Elizabeth Cuesta Clough, Andy Dill
Physics: Hezi Haut
Spanish 1-3: Alex von Gleich
Spanish 1-5: Mar Vial
Spanish 6-12: Laura Turner
Stoneworking: Sean Cook
Woodworking: Sean Cook
Yearbook: Kimberley Wolfram


Extended Day Programs

Rosebud Garden Extended Day: Emily Warner, Alex von Gleich
Grades K-6 Extended Day: Cindie Gunther, Jodi Carnes


Educational Support Staff

Academic Support Coordinator: Deborah Merroth-Ahola
CCIU Speech: Tina Borst
CCIU Reading: Glendia Kennedy
High School Guidance Counselor: Karen Thompson
Therapeutic Eurythmy: Holly Kofsky


Accompanists & Musical Instruments

Accompanist: Mary Elisabeth Campbell, Hsiao-Ming Chen, Mike Ruhl
Bass/Percussion: Charles Breaux
Brass: Robert Diener
Cello: Christine Watts, Hsiao-Ming Chen
Flute: Esther Walsh
Guitar: Matt Kearis
Handbells: Kathleen Stevens Bahena
Lyre: Kerry Lee
Violin: Veronika Roemer
Violin/Viola: Dorothy Allyn, Kathleen Stevens Bahena, John Sergovic


Administrative Staff

Click on a name to send an email or call 610.933.3635 and the extension that appears below.

Dean of School: Kevin Hughes – ext. 110
High School Team Leader: Deborah Merroth-Ahola – ext. 166
Lower School Team Leader: John Holmes – ext. 137
Lower School Office Manager: Kay Alexander – ext. 1
High School Office Manager: Melanie Warwick Cunningham – ext. 2
Business Office Administrator: Katie Kerstetter – ext. 123
Business Manager: James Hagan – ext. 120
Director of Enrollment: Lisa Cordner – ext. 107
Admissions Coordinator: Tammi Stein – ext. 108
Director of Development: Mimi Koelle – ext. 109
Health Records and Office Assistant: Heather Gustafson – ext. 121
Office Assistant: Jonathan Yatsky – ext. 132
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Manager: Robert Godshall
Housekeeping Coordinator: Tim Rossiter
Housekeeping: Jason McGown
Maintenance: Akie Miller
Food For Thought Kitchen Manager: Cara Bergman – ext. 133
Food For Thought Chef: Annemarie Cantell – ext. 133



Use Their Hands

Children need to be active and use their hands at a young age. I think Waldorf Education’s approach and philosophy are exactly how children should be taught.

Jonathan Steckel ’96 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. program and Co-founder and Director o November 17, 2016

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