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Early Childhood Faculty

Parent-Child Classes: Molly Brett
Rosebud Garden Farmhouse: Chinyelu Kunz, Emily Jones
Rosebud Garden Cottage: Ona Wetherall, Lia Dancey
Red Rose Kindergarten: Gwyn Linsalata, Kristen McDowell
White Rose Kindergarten: Wendy Dougherty, Lisa Platt
Forest, Field, and Farm Kinder: Eileen O’Meacham, Candy Neely


Class Teachers

First Grade: Tammy Davis
Second Grade: Gerry LoDolce
Third Grade: Leigh Hopkins
Fourth Grade: Sudha Gutti
Fifth Grade: Karen Hite
Sixth Grade: Carmen Maciarello
Seventh Grade: Peter Lehman
Eighth Grade: Patricia Blench


Class Advisors

Ninth Grade: Elisabeth Burgess, Hezi Haut, Raymonde Van der Stok
Tenth Grade: Andy Dill, Celia Martin, Tonya Rice
Eleventh Grade: Sean Cook, Matt Kearis, Monika Marcinowski
Twelfth Grade:  Dan Smith, Laura Turner, Anna Zay


Special Subject & High School Main Lesson

Art: Sean Cook
Athletic Director: Elizabeth Cuesta Clough
Botany: Celia Martin
Chemistry: Dan Smith
College Guidance: Anna Zay
Drama: Angie Foster, Raymonde van der Stok Fried
English: Matthew Kearis, Monika Marcinowski
Environmental Studies: Andy Dill
Eurythmy 1-6: John Holmes
Eurythmy 7-12: Raymonde van der Stok Fried
Gardening: Celia Martin
German 1-5: Susan Schwaneflugel
German 6-12: Elisabeth Burgess
Greek 5: Andy Dill
Handwork: Anna Hoffman, Susan Schwaneflugel
Handwork 1-5: Tjitske Lehman
History: Anna Zay
Human Geography 12: Effie Scott
Humanities: Anna Zay
Latin 6: Andy Dill
Library: Jodi Carnes
Life Sciences 9-12: Andy Dill
Math: Hezi Haut, Tonya Rice, Dan Smith
Metalworking: Sean Cook
Music: Susan Schwaneflugel
Music 1-6: Esther Walsh
Orchestra 4-12: Esther Walsh
PE: Elizabeth Cuesta Clough, Andy Dill
Physics: Hezi Haut
Spanish 1-3: Alex von Gleich
Spanish 1-5: Mar Vial
Spanish 6-12: Laura Turner
Stoneworking: Sean Cook
Woodworking: Sean Cook
Yearbook: Kimberley Wolfram


Extended Day Programs

Rosebud Garden Extended Day: Emily Warner, Alex von Gleich
Grades K-6 Extended Day: Cindie Gunther, Jodi Carnes


Educational Support Staff

Academic Support Coordinator: Deborah Merroth-Ahola
CCIU Speech: Tina Borst
CCIU Reading: Glendia Kennedy
High School Guidance Counselor: Karen Thompson
Therapeutic Eurythmy: Holly Kofsky


Accompanists & Musical Instruments

Accompanist: Mary Elisabeth Campbell, Hsiao-Ming Chen, Mike Ruhl
Bass/Percussion: Charles Breaux
Brass: Robert Diener
Cello: Christine Watts, Hsiao-Ming Chen
Flute: Esther Walsh
Guitar: Matt Kearis
Handbells: Kathleen Stevens Bahena
Lyre: Kerry Lee
Violin: Veronika Roemer
Violin/Viola: Dorothy Allyn, Kathleen Stevens Bahena, John Sergovic


Administrative Staff

Click on a name to send an email or call 610.933.3635 and the extension that appears below.

Dean of School: Kevin Hughes – ext. 110
High School Team Leader: Deborah Merroth-Ahola – ext. 166
Lower School Team Leader: John Holmes – ext. 137
Lower School Office Manager: Kay Alexander – ext. 1
High School Office Manager: Melanie Warwick Cunningham – ext. 2
Business Office Administrator: Katie Kerstetter – ext. 123
Business Manager: James Hagan – ext. 120
Director of Enrollment: Lisa Cordner – ext. 107
Admissions Coordinator: Tammi Stein – ext. 108
Director of Development: Mimi Koelle – ext. 109
Health Records and Office Assistant: Heather Gustafson – ext. 121
Office Assistant: Jonathan Yatsky – ext. 132
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Manager: Robert Godshall
Housekeeping Coordinator: Tim Rossiter
Housekeeping: Jason McGown
Maintenance: Akie Miller
Food For Thought Kitchen Manager: Cara Bergman – ext. 133
Food For Thought Chef: Annemarie Cantell – ext. 133



Fall in Love with Learning

What is really valued at a school like Columbia is an interest to get to the heart of the matter, whether it be a political debate, geology, languages, literature, art history, or physics. And it is precisely this spark, this curiosity that blossomed at Kimberton. With the liberal arts curriculum and focus on understanding rather than simple memorizing, we were engaged in the ideas and problem solving – the abstract and the practical. In simplest terms, Kimberton gave me a chance to fall in love with the process of learning.


Kathryn Minogue ’00 Columbia University November 17, 2016

Faculty Profiles

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Mailing Address: PO Box 350 Kimberton, PA 19442