• Middle School
Kimberton Waldorf School
Board Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2013
Attendees:  Seth Bacon, Andrea Boos, Kevin Hughes, David Hunter, Katie Hynes, Deb Merroth-Ahola, Robert Powell, Mike Precopio, Emily Shaker, Allyn Weiser and Sherry Wildfeuer
1. Task Force Report:  much work was done over the summer in all areas of the task force.  Plans for welcoming new parents into the school are underway.  A “Parent Hub” has been created at the entrance to the high school. Many thanks to the task force.  
2. Parent’s and student’s survey:  a short summary of the parent survey was distributed.  The survey results have been used to inform many of the changes that are in progress.
3. Website changes are in progress.  Emily Shaker has been working on identifying out-of- date content, and David and Nick Hunter are working on upgrading the technology.  
4. Our new Director of Marketing and Outreach, Emily Shaker has been busy working on a variety of activities.  In addition to updating the website content, she is is working on:
• Communications quality and consistency with KWS Brand Standards
• Newsletter revisions  
• Outreach events
• The annual fund (with additional leadership from Seth Bacon).  Early contributions to the annual fund will be very helpful.    
5. Implementation of School Information Management System, PCR:  Implementation is moving along.  When fully implemented, we’ll have contact information consolidated into one location, and will gain many efficiencies in throughout the school, from admissions to outreach to transcript distribution.  
6. Enrollment Update:  Over the summer, we got 42 new students.  We need 36 mid-year enrollments to meet our financial goals.    Please tell your friends and neighbors about the wonderful education our students are receiving here at KWS and bring them to our outreach events.
7. Budget:  We are projecting a budget shortfall.  We need to recruit additional students, have a successful annual fund campaign, and manage (and reduce) expenses very carefully.  
We would like to have additional marketing and outreach to grow our enrollment.  For example, we think some short videos of our master teachers talking about some of our key differences would be very powerful to post on the web.  Could we find a parent to create or provide financial sponsorship?   
We would also like to have a professional development resource for the high school.  Could we find a way to fund it?
Other Waldorf Schools are finding that social media is providing the greatest return on investment.  We’ll continue our efforts in this area.  
8. Annual Fund is starting for the 2013-2014 school year.  100% Board participation will kick off the campaign.  Without a development manager in place, we’re in need of volunteers and donors to help us achieve our financial goals for the annual fund.  
9. Next Board Meeting is Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30 in the high school library.