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Kimberton Waldorf School
Board Meeting Minutes
May 28, 2014

1. Referral “Thank You” Program:  KWS offers a “referral thank you” of $500 tuition credit for families that refer a child who enrolls at KWS. The goal of the program is to support the parent ambassador program for increasing enrollment. Several families have already helped increase enrollment and received $500 tuition credit. The Board would like to learn more about 1) how effective the program is in increasing referrals and 2) how other schools have implemented and publicized this kind of program. Increasing enrollment is a major goal for the school; this program is just one facet of an overall program.    

2. Continuous Enrollment: Instead of having contracts go out every year that need to be signed and returned, a child would remain enrolled until they graduate or specifically withdraw. Other schools have found this approach to be useful in reducing administrative overhead for the school and and yearly completion of tedious forms for parents. Tjitske Lehman observed that this approach is more in line with and supports the Waldorf pedagogy, which is a carefully designed and integrated program for Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Board and Administration will research and create a proposal for possible implementation of such a change for school year 2015-16.

3. Merit Scholarships to Increase Enrollment: The Marketing and Outreach Department and Kevin Hughes are working on a plan to offer merit-based scholarships to increase the number of candidates that consider and enroll in KWS. The Board and Administration will put together a plan for creating a merit scholarship program to increase candidates and enrollment for school year 2015-16, and work with faculty for establishing criteria and a process for evaluating candidates and awarding the scholarships.  Candidates would need to go through the regular application process before being evaluated for this scholarship.    

4. Additional Kindergarten Classroom to Increase Enrollment. The Board considered two proposals from Allyn Weiser along with enrollment projections from Admissions Director, Lael Raesch.  We are committed to expanding our kindergarten program. We have set up a task force to figure out how to facilitate first year transition to a third kindergarten.