• Middle School

Kimberton Waldorf School
Board Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2013

1.       Appreciation Event for Mike Liss, Outgoing Board President:  Prior to our next Board Meeting on October 30th, we’ll gather at 7:00 in the High School Library to honor Mike and thank him for his great service to the school.  We hope that a large number of people from the community will be able to participate and express their appreciation for his years of service and dedication to the continued improvement of our school. Refreshments will be served.    

2.       Communication of Board Minutes and Agenda:  Highlights of the Board meeting minutes will be published in the “Kimberton Star”, a new mid-month publication.  The agenda for upcoming Board meetings will be published on the website events calendar a few days in advance of the meeting.  The agenda frequently changes right up to the time of the meeting, so keeping it totally up-to-date could prove problematic and we may need to refine this process. 

3.       Budget Update:   Increasing mid-year enrollments, early and generous contributions to the Annual Fund, and reducing expenses will be vital to achieving our budget goals; improving our budget position is a primary concern.

To help increase mid-year enrollments, we need to spread the word about the school, and invite prospective students and their families to visit the school and attend our upcoming outreach activities:   

·       Discover our High School Event, Monday, October 21 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in the High School Library.

·       Waldorf Works, Thursday morning, October 24 from 8:30 to 10:00 am, starting in the Middle School Library.

4.       Annual Fund Update:  100% of the Board members submitted contributions to the 2013-2014 Annual Fund.  We are grateful to Seth Bacon, Emily Shaker, and all who are working on this activity that is so important to achieving our budget goals.  The Board will present the Annual Fund to the Faculty at the next Faculty Meeting.

5.       Development Director Vacancy:  This position is still vacant.  Our new outreach manager, Emily, has experience in development so will spend part of her time working in this area.  The board authorized a part-time assistant for Emily to help increase her capacity in both outreach and development since both areas are so important to achieving our budget goals.

6.        Task Force Update: The four committees of the task force continue to make progress.  Information regarding the task force will be added to the website.    There are 8 parent committees, one of which is the parent ambassador committee.  All parents at the school are automatically members of the Association of Parents.

7.       Outreach Update:   

·       Emily Shaker is meeting with a number of potential feeder schools, relocation specialists and education consultants to reach prospective students and their families.

·       Transportation is an obstacle for some families.  A couple of ideas were discussed:  1) Use the vans to transport students.  Other schools like Westtown provide this service (for a fee).  2) Provide assistance in connecting families for carpooling, perhaps via an app on the website. 

·       High school brochure.  Emily is working with two members of high school faculty to create a marketing piece for prospective high school students. 

8.       ADVIS Trusteeship Training:  Four Board members will attend Trusteeship training presented by the Association of Delaware Valley Independent School on Saturday, October 5. 

May this school be blessed.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrea Boos
Board Secretary