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All-School Learning Goals

 Upon graduation from Kimberton Waldorf School, each student will have

●    identified personal strengths and weaknesses; and cultivated and implemented strategies for working with these attributes as vehicles for lifelong learning

●    demonstrated fluency in the methods of science, mathematics, history, language, literature, and the social sciences; and demonstrated awareness and understanding of the contemporary issues and historic changes related to these disciplines

●    developed skills in several artistic disciplines and, through in-depth work, gained proficiency in the fundamental aspects of the visual, performing, and practical arts

●    developed the ability to communicate in a foreign language and an understanding of other cultures

●    demonstrated the ability to express in writing and speech his or her independent and creative thoughts and judgments

●    developed a healthy, loving relationship to nature as well as an understanding of ecology and the processes of nature through actively farming and gardening, observing, and living in the natural world

●    developed fundamental capacities and confidence in movement by experiencing a variety of movement activities

●   grappled with core issues of the human experience, including the nature of life, death, friendship, spirituality, and vocation

●    developed compassion, empathy, responsibility, and gratitude towards othersthrough a sense of global citizenship, an awareness of contemporary societal issues, and social responsibility

●    acquired life skills in the areas of child development, health, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, collaboration and decision-making, time management, and the art of leisure

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