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Olliff Scholarship

Guidelines and Application for Kimberton Waldorf School’s
Barry and Cyndy Olliff Endowed Scholarship

The Barry and Cyndy Olliff Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to assist families who wish to have their children attend Kimberton Waldorf School and demonstrate financial need to accomplish this, with the condition that the family must be actively involved in the life of the School. Specifically, they must initiate or lead approved fundraising activities, the proceeds of which will be used to grow this fund to support others in similar circumstances. The intention of this scholarship endowment fund is to “pay it forward.”

The initial contribution of $100,000 was deposited and invested in an endowed fund at Glenmede.

Announcements of the existence of this fund will be made several times throughout the year to solicit additional contributions and to encourage application for benefits from the fund through scholarship(s).

Scholarships are awarded the year after project has been completed.

Proceeds from Olliff Scholarship fundraisers will be deposited in the Olliff Scholarship Endowment Fund. The total permitted disbursement shall be a maximum of 4% of the average of the funds fair market value as of June 30 of the three proceeding years. This currently works out to roughly $4,500 per year. More than one applicant may receive financial assistance from these funds each year.

Application Process

  1. Applicants must submit a signed enrollment contract.
  2. Applicants must complete the SSS application for financial aid.
  3. Applicant must submit a proposal for a fundraising project that they will initiate and lead. Examples of successful fundraisers are: Holistic Health Fair, Tag Sale, Craft Show, SCRIP Program. Note: New fundraising initiatives must be self-directed. All aspects of the project are expected to be carried out by the applicant. To apply for the use of KWS facilities, please pick up a room rental application in the KWS business office.
  4. Upon successful completion of the approved fundraiser, applicants must submit their Olliff Scholarship application by April 15. Scholarships awarded will be determined by May 15 and dispersed on July 1 for the coming school year.

The Olliff Scholarship Committee is mandated to review proposals, approve fundraisers, and determine scholarships awards.

Scholarship Awards will be determined based on:

  • Success of project (in all capacities)
  • Level of need of applicant
  • Carry-through on project
  • Impact on community


Click below to download the Project Proposal Form and the Scholarship Application.

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Clifford Story November 21, 2016

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