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You are viewing 3 events for 29 October 2013

College Visit: Allegheny College

Each year a number of college counselors visit our campus to present their college to interested Juniors and Seniors.  Parents may also attend theses meetings; call Mrs. Updike (610.933.3635 ext. 2) in the High School office for information on where the meetings will be held.  To attend one of these information sessions about college, Juniors or Seniors must complete a permission form (available in the High School Office) and return it to Mrs. Updike at least one day before the date of the college visit. Check with Mrs. Zay regarding schedule additions/changes.

Cross Country Pizza Party

Cross Country Pizza Party in the Garden Building!  If anyone could bring drinks, salad, salad dressing, paper plates, cups, forks that would be great.  We will need to be quick with our clean-up as it is reserved after us that evening. If you have questions, contact Heather at .

Sustainability Series: Indoor "Composting"

Tuesday, October 29 at 7:00 pm
Garden Building

Learn about the Japanese technique called, "Bokashi," perfect for small-scale home composting! Bokashi is a unique process using fermentation to break down proteins, fats, and all other kitchen waste. Discover how Bokashi can benefit your home garden and some of the science behind this unique process. Create your own efficient, odor-free composting bin for indoor use to compost food wastes throughout the year. Make and take your own Bokashi Mix so you can get started using this wonderful technique this fall! 

Suggested donation: $15

Space is limited. To register to attend this event please email Melissa at  or call 484.949.1600.