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October 2013

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Board Meeting

High School Library

All community members are welcome to attend the first portion of Board meetings.


Approval of September minutes

Food for Thought update

Budget and Investments action item review
a. Five year plan
b. Investment Committee meeting rescheduled for Nov 7th
c. Updated budget for Board approval

Update on ideas for reducing deficit/improving cash flow
a. Prepay future year tuition at locked in rate?
b. Health care increase status?
c. Cafeteria plan benefits for next year?
d. Affordable Care Act effect on our benefits?
e. Possible revision to mid-year enrollment goal?  
f. Ask parents for voluntary additional contribution?
g. Appeal to other constituents to increase contribution?
h. Expand our pool of donors, particularly alums?
i. Annual Fund participant drawing for vacation or similar?

Development Director search update

Task Force update

Outreach update, including web site status

Board Nominating Committee update

Annual Fund status

Faculty required to be on Investment Committee? Allyn was to check.

ADVIS Board training report & recommendations