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You are viewing 8 events for 10 February 2014

Bantam Boys Basketball vs. Perkiomen

Home Game
Dismissal 2:55
Game time 3:30

Bantam Girls Basketball at Perkiomen

Away Game
Dismissal 2:15
Game time 3:30
Return 5:50

"From Sensory Experience to Moral Experience: A Journey through the Twelve Senses"

"From Sensory Experience to Moral Experience: A Journey through the Twelve Senses"
James A. Dyson, MD

Monday, February 10
7:30 pm
High School Library

When you think of the senses, you probably think of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. However, Rudolf Steiner identified twelve senses as an integral part of human development:

The willing (physical) senses: touch, life, movement, and balance
The feeling (perception) senses: smell, taste, sight, and warmth
The thinking (cognitive) senses: hearing, speech, thought, ego

On this journey, Dr. James Dyson will show us how the twelve senses provide profound insights into a child's unfolding physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development.

Dr. Dyson has worked as an anthroposophic physician for 35 years, developing a special interest in the fields of mental health, developmental psychology, and pastoral counseling. He was the co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic in 1978, an anthroposophic residential and outpatient facility. James also works as a school doctor in several Waldorf schools and as a medical advisor in the field of learning disabilities both for children and adults.