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You are viewing 2 events for 24 February 2014

Healing Adolescence through Waldorf Education

Join us for a presentation by John Wulsin, Jr.  Focusing on the mysterious challenges of the four years of high school, we will look at how the humanities curriculum in particular meets the students in these distinct stages of development, these years of danger and of delight, of fear and of hope, these years of crucial development for the health of the rest of one's life.

Growing up in Cincinnati, Japan, and Switzerland, John Wulsin worked as an instructor with Outward Bound on Hurricane Island, Maine, and in the Austrian Alps before discovering Waldorf Education. After completing his Waldorf training at Emerson College, England, he prepared further to become a Waldorf High School teacher by completing his B.A. in English at Harvard College, and then by teaching four years in two non-Waldorf independent high schools. For thirty-three years he has been teaching English and Drama at Green Meadow Waldorf School, from which his children have graduated. With an M.A. in English and American Literature from Columbia University, he has also for many years been teaching Poetics to adults at the Eurythmy School of Spring Valley at the Threefold Educational Foundation. He has taught at Sunbridge College and often in the summer in the Waldorf High School Training at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. He works on the Editorial Board of Renewal, a Journal for Waldorf Education. He has published articles in Independent School, Towards, and Renewal. He has written Laws of the Living Language and Proverbs of Purgatory, and edited The Riddle of America, all published by AWSNA, the Association of Waldorf School of North America. He has co-edited Books for the Journey, published by Michaelmas Press. He wrote The Spirit of the English Language, published by Lindisfarne Press.