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You are viewing 1 event for 25 February 2014

Sustainability Series

Tuesday, February 25 at 7:00 pm
Garden Building

Join us to learn about all the benefits of industrial hemp while enjoying some hemp product samples!

This event is one of the on-going Sustainability Series events -- proceeds from donations help fund the Kimberton Waldorf School Olliff Scholarship program. 

Suggested donation: $10 - $20.  No one turned away due to an inability to donate!

Space is limited. To register to attend this event please email Melissa at  or call 484.949.1600.

Industrial Hemp was once grown throughout the US. In fact, it was sometimes illegal NOT to grow this amazingly beneficial and useful plant! Canada is the main supplier of hemp and hemp seed products to the United States. 

  • The uses of this plant include: 

    • FOOD Hemp seeds can be used directly as a food ingredient or crushed for oil and meal. Hemp is one of only two plants that contain both EFAs as well as gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA has been found to have many properties ranging from anti-inflammatory to anti-depression (the seeds are also used in bird seed mixtures). Hemp seed oil is an ideal topical ingredient in lotions, lip balms, conditioners, shampoos, soaps and shaving products. Hemp oil can also be used as cooking oil and in salad dressings, spreads and dips. 

    • FIBER - highly durable natural fabric for clothing, cordage, non-toxic erosion control/landscaping fabrics... Hemp "bast," the outer surface of the hemp stalk, has the longest fibers and is used for textiles. Hemp "hurds," the inner woody portion of the stalk, have shorter fibers that are extremely absorbent, making an excellent animal bedding. 

    • BUILDING MATERIALS - non-toxic, energy-efficient and carbon-negative for houses and vehicles (the Lotus Eco-Elise is a Hemp based, "green" car!) and other various other uses 

    • EROSION CONTROL - fast biomass production w/ little inputs required 

    • FUEL - Henry Ford's first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM HEMP! 

    • PAPER - hemp paper is extremely durable and its production does not destroy forests/pollute the env.

    • ECONOMIC BENEFITS - for farmers and industries associated with making hemp products 

    Canada legalized the production of industrial hemp in the late 1990s & the Canadian government has supported the country’s re-emerging hemp industry through changes in legislation and regulations, and through market development funding.

    Growing industrial hemp has been outlawed here in the US since the 1950s -- we NEED this plant and farmers and ecological restoration practitioners need to be able to grow it here in the US!


    “Make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere”
    ~George Washington, 1794