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You are viewing 1 event for 16 March 2014

Kyle Schutter '06 Visit and Presentation

Social entrepreneur and KWS graduate Kyle Schutter ’06 is returning to the States for the first time in two years and would like to tell you about the world's first biogas cooking solution, which he and his team developed. In addition to describing this project, which could change the lives of millions of families, he will share the challenges, funny moments, and successes of start-up life in Kenya. 
Kyle is the Founder and Managing Director of Takamoto Biogas—a pay-as-you-go biogas company providing a clean, sustainable energy solution to people who otherwise depend on unhealthy cooking fuels. Kyle has grown the company from a "crazy idea" to a dedicated team of 20 employees and was recently selected as one of 12 high impact enterprises in Africa.
“Our schooling always taught us that if we saw a problem in the world, it was not only within our power, but was also our responsibility to do something about it,” says Kyle. 
This Sunday, March 16, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm, all are invited to the KWS Gymnasium to hear Kyle speak about his journey from Kimberton Waldorf School to Brown University to the world beyond, about growing a sustainable energy company, and about life in Kenya. Refreshments and opportunities to talk with Kyle will be provided.