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Coffee Cart

Stop by to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation with other KWS parents!  Coffee Cart is held every Friday morning in the Parent Hub.

Varsity Soccer at Phelps

Away Game
Dismissal 2:15
Return 6:30

Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. Collegium

Home Game
Dismissal 3:00

Bantam Soccer at Perkiomen

Away Game
Dismissal 2:40
Return 6:00

Bantam Field Hockey at Perkiomen

Away Game
Dismissal 2:40
Return 6:00

Virtual Reality, Reality as a Virtue with Jaimen McMillan

Virtual Reality
Reality as a Virtue
with Jaimen McMillan

There is a battle going on for the minds and souls of your children. Their bodies are secondary casualties, victims of “friendly fire.”  The battle is real.  The enemy is virtual. The elusive lure of virtual reality – TV’s, computers, Gameboys, video games, and   electronic music threaten to program the children’s minds, paralyze their bodies, while shrewdly shaping their souls. This lecture will unmask these threats to see that the greatest danger lies in our not consciously countering it and provide techniques to help our children navigate more safely through the virtual worlds. Real answers might be sought by simply “getting real”; from direct experiences from the “school of hard knocks.” Could interacting with the three-dimensional real world give us clues to move from the virtual towards virtue?

Session begins Friday evening 7:30-9:30 pm, and continues Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Full Workshop: $175 (early bird $150 before September 15)
Friday Night Only: $20 at the door

For information and to register: