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Care Circle

The Kimberton Waldorf School Care Circle has been meeting again this year. The Care Circle is a group of faculty and staff tasked with overseeing the social and emotional health of the school. This group meets weekly to form a confidential place and process through which questions, issues, and concerns of a social nature between, among, and surrounding the students can be brought to the school for discussion and resolution. This group is a resource for student, faculty, and parent concerns, and is meant to be a group that is both responsive to and proactive in its work surrounding these issues.

Our mission statement is as follows:

The Care Circle is a group that is working out of a no-blame approach to conflict resolution, and the goals of the group are as follows: 1) to provide a safe and confidential place for discussion to take place, that allows for the sharing of information and the development of empathy in a spirit of openness, discernment and support; 2) to seek to solve problems of social disharmony within the school community, facilitating a spirit of mutual understanding, learning, and respect, and 3) to move forward through social difficulties towards a goal of resolving conflicts.

In school year 2013-2014, members of this group include High School Counselor Karen Thompson, Liz Cuesta, Karen Hite, Gerry LoDolce, Lael Rasch, and Esther Walsh. Concerns can be brought to any one of these individuals, or emailed to the group at .

Peer Counseling Program

We are pleased to announce that this year brings the beginning of a Student Peer Support Group. This group is comprised of 6-8 High School students, supported and guided by Karen Thompson and other High School faculty. This group will be available to offer confidential peer support and mentoring to students in the High School and Middle School that find themselves in need of guidance and support in the social realm. Please direct any question you may have to Karen Thompson, HS Counselor at .

High School Counselor Karen Thompson is available to meet with students on Friday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00. Students and faculty may email Karen to schedule time with her or request support.

Introducing Karen Thompson

Karen M. Thompson M.A. is a Licensed Professional Counselor with nearly 15 years’ experience supporting families and individuals of all ages to heal and manage emotional challenges. Her formal education includes a three-year program in family systems from the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center as well as continuing education in several healing modalities. Over the past 10 years she learned to incorporate traditional psychotherapy with alternative healing modalities, trauma informed care, meditation, and yoga to support holistic healing and establish lasting changes and personal development.

Karen enjoys an established private counseling practice, is an adjunct professor at Montgomery County Community College, and has most recently used her training and skills to support educational and prison systems to incorporate healing for the individual and community through social inclusion and compassionate leadership.