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Our community includes students, parents, alumni, staff, and friends. Our vision of community is to meet each other in such a way that the uniqueness of each one is honored, that each may find his or her way to contribute to the community as a whole. In this way, we, as a community, may be a positive influence on the larger culture.

The community of Kimberton Waldorf School practices the building of supportive and renewing relationships by:

  • Initiating an openness in governance processes.
  • Creating a school community that is racially, economically, ethnically, and socially diverse.
  • Fostering mutually enriching relationships with alumni.
  • Developing relationships among anthroposophical initiatives.
  • Initiating outreach activities that demonstrate the unique aspects of Waldorf education to the wider community.


Think and Feel Deeply

Waldorf Education taught me a particular kind of discipline that is perhaps unusual in schools today. It taught me how to think and feel my way deeply into a subject; one can call that the cultivation of imagination. It taught me how to work patiently, quietly on a project for many hours at a time; one can call that the cultivation of understanding. It taught me how to present school material beautifully and with attention to detail; one can call that the cultivation of artistic sensibility.

Katja Rudolph, Freelance Writer/Researcher Waldorf Graduate November 17, 2016

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