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Our community includes students, parents, alumni, staff, and friends. Our vision of community is to meet each other in such a way that the uniqueness of each one is honored, that each may find his or her way to contribute to the community as a whole. In this way, we, as a community, may be a positive influence on the larger culture.

The community of Kimberton Waldorf School practices the building of supportive and renewing relationships by:

  • Initiating an openness in governance processes.
  • Creating a school community that is racially, economically, ethnically, and socially diverse.
  • Fostering mutually enriching relationships with alumni.
  • Developing relationships among anthroposophical initiatives.
  • Initiating outreach activities that demonstrate the unique aspects of Waldorf education to the wider community.


Overwhelmed by Who They Were and What They Had Become.

I have the grand total of fourteen cousins who are all Steiner educated. They range in age from 21 to 38. Before choosing a school for our own children my husband and I questioned them to find out how it had been for them. We were overwhelmed, not only by what they said but also by who they were and what they had become. We were left in no doubt, based on our experience of these fourteen cousins and their varied testimonies: we want this education for our children.

Becky Morrow, Biodynamic and Organic retailer Mother of Three November 17, 2016

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