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College Counseling

College Visits

Each year a number of college counselors visit our campus to present their college to interested eleventh grade and twelfth grade students. Parents may also attend these meetings.

2017-2018 schedule of college counselor visits

Colleges and Universities

Kimberton Waldorf graduates are accepted into a wide range of colleges and universities. We have alumni who are Rhodes Scholars, Truman Scholars, and Fulbright Fellows, among many other distinctions. Most recently, our seniors were offered nearly $700,000 in scholarships and awards. Click here to learn more about our Alumni and their success.

Waldorf Education provides a well-rounded foundation as our students move out into the world to attend many of the top colleges and universities in the country, engage in meaningful service, or work in many different professions. The Survey of Waldorf Graduates, conducted by David Mitchell and Douglas Gerwin, indicates that Waldorf Education is achieving the following in its graduates:

  • Multiple Intelligences and Cross Disciplinary Learners
  • Global Consciousness and Sustainability
  • Basis for Moral Navigation
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • High Levels of Social Intelligence
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • High Levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Thinkers Who Think Outside the Box

According to this recent study of Waldorf graduates:

  • 94% attended college or university
  • 47% chose humanities or arts as a major
  • 42% chose sciences or math as a major
  • 89% are highly satisfied in choice of occupation
  • 91% are active in life-long education
  • 92% placed a high value on critical thinking
  • 90% highly values tolerance of other viewpoints

KWS College Admissions Profile 2016/2017

Information for your college application.

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