• Diwali

Diwali Festival

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Diwali:  The festival of Diwali, perhaps the most well-known of the Indian festivals, is celebrated throughout India, as well as by Indian communities throughout the world. "The festival of lights" is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Kimberton Waldorf School has been celebrating this festival for the last 7 years. Over the years the celebrations have grown in richness, size and community participation. This year too, the festival will again be celebrated in its true spirit. This will not be an outreach program or a fund raiser. This will be a festival celebrated by the KWS community, family and friends.

When:  Saturday, November 7, 2015, 4.00 PM-9.00 PM in the gymnasium at Kimberton Waldorf School

What you can expect:  Through the collaborative efforts of our Festivals Committee, Food For Thought Program, our Diversity Committee and a devoted group of our families who are native to India, we bring you an amazing evening of food, fun and nourishing celebration. Come enjoy delicious and exotic culinary delights lovingly prepared using traditional home recipes. The rich cultural program will include a welcome ceremony, cultural activities such as Rangoli designs (floor decorations), Mehandi (henna) painting, decorating and lighting of traditional clay lamps, chanting Shanti Mantras (prayers for peace), and finally, an Indian Cultural Program by students. We will finish the evening with a fantastic firework display.

The colors, fragrances, flowers, Rangoli, Indian attire, music and dance will fill your senses and immerse you in to a very rich and old Indian Culture and transport you to an enchanting world. Do not miss this event, which is perhaps the largest community event at our school.

Cost: There will not be any admission fee. However, we will be soliciting donations at the gate (suggested donation of $10) to cover the costs associated with the elaborate feast.

Important Notes

· Mark your calendars. November 7, 2015. Come dressed in your most festive attire.

· We will need support with food preparation, set up, serving, and cleanup and would love you to join our enthusiastic team. Please contact Tara for more information about how you can get involved by writing to

· Please RSVP by registering for this event at https://kwsdiwali2015.eventbrite.com   (You do not need to print the ‘free tickets’ or bring them to the event.). RSVP is critical for us to plan for the event.