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A Peek into our Classrooms

April 2014

Roman History Projects

Mrs. Boyd’s sixth grade class proudly diplayed their Roman History projects, including a large balsa wood model of a Roman ship, beautiful mosaic tile creations, models of Roman amphitheaters, catapults and siege engines, and a model of a Roman aqueduct system that had an ingenious system for having water run from the mountains through the aqueduct to a village in the valley below. Click on the photo below to move through a slideshow of images of their wonderful projects!

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Kimberton Waldorf School Garden

The arrival of spring has kept the students busy in our garden! The third grade is starting basil from seeds, fifth grade is planting peas, and ninth grade is planting onions. The seventh grade created a wattle fence with the willow branches they collected. Below, the students pound in the the stakes for the fence.

    • 7th grade willow fence2

The finished product! A fantastic wattle fence, built with our own students hands.

    • 7th grade willow fence

In other classroom happenings...

The kindergarten children have planted their spring grass baskets/pots and are watching the sprouts grow up tall and green on the windowsill! They are felting wool over wooden eggs to make a felted tulip for the baskets and made a twizzle out of twisted yarn to tie around the basket as decoration. The children will be making beeswax caterpillars that will live in the spring grass too. They have been out enjoying the April showers, playing outside in the rain and splashing in the muddy puddles!

The second grade is beginning a final math block, reviewing and pulling together all of the math learned throughout the year. They will be hearing the story of St. Francis, and in subsequent weeks will be learning and working with St. Francis' "The Canticle of the Sun".

Our third grade recently completed an exciting farm week! Click here to read more.

The seventh grade is hosting a visit from a Polish class from May 2 through May 12; their week will be filled with wonderful activities and experiences!

This year’s eighth grade class presented The Taming of the Shrew. Elizabeth Tarsio, our 8th grade class teacher, and Raymonde van der Stok-Fried, our eurythmy teacher, directed the play. Click here to read more and see pictures of this wonderful production!

The ninth grade had their backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania for earth science.

The tenth grade completed their Artisan Practicum, where they each worked with a local artisan to learn how to create a product and take it to market.

The eleventh grade completed their Social Service Practicum at Camphill Kimberton Hills. They stayed overnight at Camp Sankanac and traveled to the Cloisters in New York City.

The seniors began a new program called Skills for Life, which is designed to help their transition to college and beyond. Wellness, college finances, stress reduction, and time management are some of the issues that are being addressed.