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A Peek into our Classrooms

June 2014

Fifth Grade Pentathalon

Grace, glory, athleticism, new friendships, and finding favor with Apollo. Having honed their pentathalon skills, fifth graders from area Waldorf Schools gathered at Kimberton to competed in javelin, discus, relays, long-jump, and wrestling.

    • pentathalon

Fourth Grade Class Trip

The fourth grade took a trip to Ricketts Glen State Park, taking in the beautiful scenery and numerous waterfalls!

    • fourth grade tri p to ricketts glen

Field Day  

Our third through twelfth graders were divided into two teams (Blue and White) to compete in athletic contests, including a final Grand Relay.

    • field day resized

Kindergarten Celebrates Summer Birthdays

The kindergarten had a “birthday parade,” marching around the school grounds playing musical instruments in celebration of all their classroom friends who have birthdays in the summer. Five children celebrated their summer birthdays together; they each received a birthday book, made of pictures from all their friends in the class.

    • first grade birthday parade

Outdoor Fun in First Grade

The first grade also made stone soup in the woods; they gathered stones, sticks, and branches for the fire and added vegetables to the soup!

    • first grade stone soup


Kimberton Waldorf School Garden

The first day of gardening for the ninth grade in March and the last day in June. What a difference a few months can make!

    • march ninth grade gardening
    • ninth grade gardening june

The seventh graders planted flowers by the middle school.

    • seventh graders plant flowers by middle school2

The fifth graders helped out in the garden by planting butternut squash seeds and sunflowers.

    • fifth graders plant butternut squash seeds and sunflowers

In other classroom happenings…

The second grade wrote animal stories and completed a book for the poem "The Circle of Days," based on "The Canticle of the Sun," written by St. Francis of Assisi.

The Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2014 was a special occasion for our community to share and reflect on the memories and accomplishments of our graduating seniors. Click here to read more and view photos.

Each year at Kimberton Waldorf School begins and ends with a Rose Ceremony. In the fall, at our welcome assembly, it is the role of the new twelfth graders to present roses to the budding first graders as they begin their journey through the grades. At the end of the school year, another Rose Ceremony took place. The first graders, grown in height and confidence, offered roses to their twelfth grade buddies, marking another significant transition. Click here to read more and view photos.