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A Peek into our Classrooms

March 2014

Outdoor Exploration and Play

Daily, outdoor exploration and play are integral parts of the Waldorf experience. It has been a winter wonderland for the students, with fun-filled days of sledding, creating snowman friends, building forts, and digging in the snow.

Our first graders enjoy daily woodland adventures!

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The preschool children take turns shoveling the show during outside play at Rosebud Garden.

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Kimberton Waldorf School Garden

Our school garden is comprised of two acres of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, dye plants, and honey bees tended by our students for use in our lunch program. Spring is on its way, and our students have been busy getting the garden ready for the change of season!

Our third grade collected apple branches to be used as kindling for our cob oven; apple wood gives a good taste to food. Four full buckets!

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The seventh grade pollarded the willow trees; the willow will be used to make a wattle fence.

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The ninth grade cleaned and sharpened their loppers and began to prune the apple trees.

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The ninth grade also started pepper and herb seeds in pots.

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Our third grade is beginning another farming block. Topics will include winter and spring preparation for the farmer, animal care, and tending the soil. In the garden they have been working hard moving branches and logs.

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Ice Skating

The second and third grade classes went ice skating at Center Ice in Oaks. The ice rink was rented for our students for an hour; the children had a wonderful time, as is evident by their big smiles.

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Scenes from our Second Grade Classroom

It is easy to recognize a Waldorf classroom: beautifully painted walls, soothing atmosphere, natural materials, and the centerpiece of the room, a beautiful chalk drawing detailing the main lesson of the day. Chalkboard drawings in the classroom illustrate the stories and lessons that teachers are presenting to their students, and create the opportunity for students to learn in an inspiring and enriching academic environment.

A colorful, engaging presentation of a multiplication chart.

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A beautiful chalkboard drawing on place value.

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It was pajama day in fifth grade; everyone arrived wearing their PJ’s and carrying their favorite "stuffed" friend!

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Eighth Grade Mobiles

These one-of-a-kind mobiles were made by the eighth grade, and include all of the five Platonic solids. The five Platonic solids are made up of congruent, regular polygons (sides with equal lengths and angles with equal measures). One of the challenges of this mobile is to create the shapes on flat paper and fold them so they all fit together.

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In other classroom happenings…

Our kindergarten has been busy this month, making bread dough and buns, painting, sewing heart pillows, cleaning, coloring, playing, stories, and circle time activities.

The fourth grade has just completed a play about Hiawatha's fasting. They have also completed their sewing bags, and are now moving on to making cross-stitch pincushions.

In art class, the sixth grade is cutting fabric for elephants, tenth grade is dressing looms, and twelfth grade is painting senior portraits.

In German class, the seventh grade is working on months, dates, and birthdays; eleventh grade is starting on a new grammatical chapter and continuing to read a German play; and ninth and tenth grade is working on writing songs.

The peer support group is actively supporting students in the community and developing groups and activities to engage students in learning stress management and coping skills during challenging experiences.

The senior class went on a trip to Washington, D.C. as part of the Modern World II block. They visited the Holocaust Museum, spoke to representatives from the museum, and had the opportunity to have a round-table discussion with members of the German Historical Society. Upon their return, they watched a film in Spanish, El Norte, about a brother and sister escaping from the Civil War in Guatemala in the ’80s and their struggle to reach and live in Los Angeles. There were some wonderful themes in the film that tied into the Modern World II issues they discussed on their trip to Washington, D.C.