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A Peek into our Classrooms

May 2014

Sixth Grade Class Trip

In April, the sixth grade class took a trip to Vermont; below are some wonderful pictures of their journey.

A chance to meet new friends from Bethel Elementary at Hulbert, Vermont.

    • sixth grade trip new friends vermont april 2014

A beautiful day to explore Black Mountain Lime Kilns.

    • sixth grade trip1 vermont april 2014

A gorgeous scenic backdrop for lunch!

    • sixth grade trip2 vermont april 2014

Students Visit from Poland

Eighteen students and two chaperones---including alumnus Benjamin Burg '85---from Primus Foundation in Warsaw, Poland visited with the seventh grade and were hosted by sixth, seventh, and eighth grade families.

A visiting student and a host family student are ready for school!

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Fourth Grade Projects

The fourth grade classroom was filled with animals this week! Click on the photo below to move through a slideshow of a few of the one-of-a-kind projects created by the students.

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Plant Sale

Our recent plant sale was a huge success! The tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and flowers offered were strong and healthy, and organically grown from seeds by our students.

    • plant sale 2014


Kimberton Waldorf School Garden

The seventh grade planted seed potatoes in the garden, working together to dig pathways and create raised beds.

    • seventh grade potatoes1

A small group of energetic volunteers, including students, came out early on a Saturday morning to paint the trees with the Biodynamic tree paste. The paste is a mix of sand, clay, cow manure, and water and it nourishes and protects the trees.

    • tree paste2

Each year our entire student body makes the trek across the road to Seven Stars Farm for the annual release of the cows. And somehow it never gets old, seeing the cows gleefully race out to pasture for the first time each spring!

In other classroom happenings...

The current first grade class took the rising first graders on a walk in the woods to introduce them to all the beautiful places that they have discovered during their forest explorations.

The second grade is spending their week on the lower school stage preparing for their play next Friday.

Several lower school students have been meeting for language club; their last meeting focused on Spanish.

The tenth grade is putting together a light-hearted piece of poetry that deals with various characters and has a little storyline. They are working to put gesture and movement together in an effective, dynamic way.

The eleventh grade has been working hard to memorize the complex choreography and tone gestures to the orchestral piece which the seventh and eighth grade orchestra is going to play for them when they perform their eurythmy piece at the May school assembly.

The twelfth grade is preparing for their upcoming senior play, Three Sisters. Three performances are being held, Thursday, May 15, Friday, May 16, and Saturday, May 17; all performances begin at 7:30 pm in the Lower School Theater. We invite you to join us for this wonderful production. Click here for details.