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February 17, 2014

Dear KWS Community:

In this month’s edition of the Kimberton Star, we are sharing with you an update on how Kimberton Waldorf School is making progress on the goals that the Change and Renewal Task Force was mandated to implement. You can read an article on the financial health of the school here.

A great deal of activity has been taking place to help us achieve the goals that were set by the Board at the end of last school year.

In addition to the work that has been done on budgets and finances (see the article from the Board), considerable work and activity has taken place in various areas to achieve the four goals set forth by the Task Force. We invite you to click below to read about the positive work that has been done this year:

Financial Sustainability
- Website development and improvement
New Kimberton Star newsletter and Midweek Messenger format
- Parent education events
- Outreach events (open houses, Waldorf Works tours, educational fairs, etc.)
- Active outreach to feeder schools
- Relationship building with educational consultants
- Active social media presence
- Formation of Outreach Committee
- Initiating of Parent Ambassador program
- Early Childhood program expansion
- Improvement of tuition arrears over past years
- Development/fundraising/and alumni relations

Pedagogical Improvement
- Entrepreneurship program
- Improvement of math program in High School and Middle School
- 9th grade Environmental Science
- 10th grade Navigation
- 11th grade Economics
- 11th grade Physics elective
- 11th and 12th grade English electives
- 11th and 12th grade art block electives
- All High School electives
- Peer counseling program in High School
- Media literacy in Middle School
- 3rd grade mini-farm
- Mentoring of teachers
- In-service trainings for faculty
- Reviews and evaluations of teachers
- Surveys of High School students
- Expanded Summer Camp and Spring Camp with farming theme
- Improvement in our academic support program
- The College of Teachers reformed this year

Enhancing School Communication
- Website development and improvement
- New Kimberton Star newsletter and Midweek Messenger format
- New oversight by Marketing and Outreach Director
- Consolidation of all of our data into one database
- Improved internal (intra-staff/faculty) communications

Welcoming Parents as Partners in the School's Mission
- Creation of Parent Hub Space, including benches and bulletin boards
Seven Stars Shop moved and re-opened by parent in parent hub space
- Weekly Coffee Cart Discussions in Parent Hub space
- Parent Mentor Program for new parents
- New parent welcoming event held early in school year
- Parent surveys improved and continuing
- Parent education programs enhanced
- New format for Association of Parents

Again, I want to thank the members of the Change and Renewal Task Force for their work. They are: Andrew Kreider (parent), Michael Campbell (parent), Nancy Coe McLane (parent and alumni parent), Deb Merroth-Ahola (alumni parent and Upper School Core Team Leader), Katie Hynes (alumni parent and Board member), and Carmen Maciarello (class teacher).

It's not too late to make your gift or pledge to our annual fund, the Community Spirit Fund. No gift is too large or too small; what's important is that each person participates at a level that feels right to him or her. Thank you!


Kevin Hughes
Dean of School

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PPS: For a little more inspiration, take a few minutes to watch this short documentary on Waldorf Education from a Waldorf School in California.