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For the goal of Enhancing School Communication, below are some examples of what has been happening this year:


  • Website development and improvement: We have made several changes to the school website in order to provide a more enjoyable and informative virtual visit. We have added rich content, particularly within our "parent portal" area, within our "news" area, and on our event calendar. We have upgraded to a new content management system, which has enhanced the navigation interface, making information easier to find. These enhancements make for an accessible, flexible, and attractive site that more effectively serves a broad range of visitors, including current and prospective parents, as well as alumni. 

  • New Kimberton Star newsletter and Midweek Messenger format: This school year we launched a new monthly e-newsletter called the Kimberton Star. Its purpose is to share the news of the school with the entire school community (parents, alumni, alumni parents, friends, Board members, faculty, staff, and friends). The Midweek Messenger has been refocused to provide only "need-to-know" information for current parents.

  • New oversight by Marketing and Outreach Director to ensure consistency of communications coming from Kimberton Waldorf School, including marketing, branding, and outreach activites.

  • We are consolidating all of our data for Admissions, Development, Outreach, and our Pedagogical program into one database, which will streamline our efforts and improve our communications.

  • Improved internal (intra-staff/faculty) communications: We have developed new protocols and procedures for improving our internal employee communications, including monthly reports from all committees, teams, and action groups.