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For the goal of Welcoming Parents as Partners in the School’s Mission, below are some examples of what has been happening this year:


  • Creation of Parent Hub Space, including benches and bulletin boards: The entrance foyer of the High School gymnasium was transformed this year with new bulletin boards and benches to become a parent gathering space.

  • Seven Stars Shop moved and re-opened by parent in Parent Hub space: Parent Tara Romanowich has re-opened the Seven Stars Shop in the Parent Hub space in the foyer of the High School gymnasium. The shop sells Waldorf inspired toys, books, and KWS apparel.

  • Weekly Coffee Cart Discussions in Parent Hub space: Every Friday morning after drop off parents are welcomed to socialize and have coffee or tea in the Parent Hub space.

  • Parent Mentor Program for new parents: The Parent Welcoming Committee has found parent mentors from the current parent body for new parents.

  • New parent welcoming event held early in school year: We held a welcome event for all new parents. They met key people in the school’s organization and hear about the numerous ways that parents can get involved in the school.

  • Parent surveys improved and continuing: We are continuing the online parent survey that we started last year, and are making improvements in the survey based on feedback and experience from last year’s survey.

  • Parent education programs enhanced: Our Admissions Director, Lael Rasch, and our Director of Marketing and Outreach, Emily Shaker, manage the parent education program with the help of the Parent Education Committee. They have facilitated informative parent events on topics relating to Waldorf Education and have brought in compelling speakers and presenters, including a weekend workshop taught by Sunbridge Institute.

  • New format for Association of Parents created out of volunteer committee structure: A new format of the Association of Parents was created this year. The principle of the new association is that it arises out of the numerous committees and groups that parents can join to be involved in the school. These committees and groups form the foundation for the Association of Parents and report on their work at association meetings. The association has had two meetings this year and the next meeting is scheduled for April 10.