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High School Musicals:
Reflections by Senior Cast Members

The build-up and excitement of this year's musical has come to a close. With the memories of Thoroughly Modern Millie still fresh, we have asked the senior cast members to express their feelings on what being a part of the high school musicals have meant to them.  

“This was the first musical I was on stage, which was a load of fun even though my part was small. This allowed me time to be a part of the group of people who did the costumes. At first it seemed almost impossible but as time progressed it all came together. People kindly donated their vintage dresses, and there were many lucky finds.”
Ella Clee

"Thoroughly Modern Millie was my final musical at Kimberton Waldorf School. Every year our cast and our enthusiasm regarding the musical gets better and better. This was by far the most fun musical I've ever been in. The road from auditions to our final performance was filled with hard work, positive energy, and most of all, fun."
Logan Diven

“Freshman year, the musical was by far my favorite part of the year. It allowed me to make connections with older students that I never would have had the courage to talk to otherwise and helped me explore my love of musical theater. Ever since then, I look forward to the musical every year, as it is a wonderful experience that really brings the high school together. I used to be extremely shy, but my ever-changing musical family has coaxed me out of my shell a little bit each year. As a result, I am no longer the least bit shy and have really grown to have a passion for music and theater. Overall, the musical has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my high school career.”
Maggie Hite

“For years before reaching high school I had watched my brother and his fellow high school mates put on magnificent performances in the musicals. I watched from the audience in awe from Anything Goes up until Bye Bye Birdie where I got involved in the stage crew of an extremely elaborate set. The next year I was recruited while on a year away from Kimberton, to help with the struggling stage crew, on yet another outstanding performance, and this time I really felt like I was missing out. The following year in 11th Grade I got my first role as Mr. Lundie, a mainly speaking role with a heavy Scottish accent that got me hooked on acting. In twelfth grade there was no doubt in my mind I had to get some more of the action so I auditioned and received a larger role as Mr. Graydon, an uptight quirky CEO of Sincere Trust Insurance Co. where I got to sing two very “testing” solos and dance with the talented actress Maggie Hite and the upcoming star, Hannah Wolfram. Overall I enjoyed every minute of the production and acting. I had the esteemed privilege of watching and learning from my idols, former students. I got to return the gift of a well planned and preformed musical to them as well as to younger classmates. I also hope that my performances of the past two years have inspired others to take the plunge into a musical, and to take on something they never thought they were capable of.”
Ryan Lewis

“As a senior this is the second musical I've been in. I've never had a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience in high school. It wasn't only a chance for me to see the rewarding outcome of months of hard work but it was also a great way for me to interact with many people from all grades. My first musical in ninth grade, Bye Bye Birdie, allowed me to see a group of hard working high school students come together to make something amazing and being a part of Thoroughly Modern Millie only made me wish I had more time left to experience this again.”
Hannah Sicherman

“I have been in three musicals during my high school career at Kimberton Waldorf School. As a 9th grader, I remember being a little bit nervous to be in it. But it was a wonderful choice. The musical brings everyone closer. I have been able to build many strong friendships with my fellow actors. Aside from that, the musicals are always so fun to work on, and see come together. I love being on stage, as well as helping off stage. For the past two years I have collaborated with Emily Zegel to design the backdrops. I'm so happy to have been a part of such a wonderful experience.”
Evalyn Way

“I have been in the musicals at Kimberton Waldorf School since 9th grade. Every year has brought new and wonderful experiences. The musicals bring people from different grades together. I have enjoyed being a part of the chorus and the cast for the past 4 years. The past two years I have co-designed and painted the backdrops, along with my friend Evalyn Way, for Brigadoon and Thoroughly Modern Millie. This has been another amazing experience that I am so grateful to have had. I would love to be in another Kimberton musical with the amazing director and cast members who make it fun and are so talented!”
Emily Zegel

As we stated in the program, "we commend our senior cast members for their enthusiasm and leadership!"

With gratitude, Tori Zegel and Nancy Coe McLane