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December 16, 2013

St. Lucia Day

According to the old Julian calendar, December 13 was the longest night of the year. The ancient people were very much aware of the diminishing daylight and feared the cold and hunger that accompanied the sun’s decline. Men yearned for a friendly spirit to intercede, restoring the light to the earth. Over many centuries, this spirit of light became personified in St. Lucia, the Queen of Light.

St. Lucia and the second grade visited the other classes, bringing song and baked treats. It was a wonderful way to celebrate St. Lucia Day and get the children into the spirit of the season!

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Garden Tables at the Craft Show

The Craft Show was a huge success for the Kimberton Waldorf School Garden and our students! The Garden is comprised of two acres of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, dye plants, and honey bees tended by our students for use in our Food for Thought organic school lunch program. At the show, students helped to man the "Garden Tables," which were full of handmade products, grown and created by our very own students.

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Senior Career Elective

Seniors learn about a specific career by completing an internship in that field for a one or two week period. Two of our students, Nick Bolger and Shay Inkpen recently completed their Senior Career Elective at Shenandoah Studio. Read more about their experience.

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