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A Peek into Our Classrooms

February 2014

Third Grade Mini-Farm

Caring for animals teaches children empathy, responsibility, and a sense of personal reward for doing good work. During this exceptionally cold and snowy winter, our third grade students are taking wonderful care of Firecracker!

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In other classroom happenings:

Our kindergarten students have been busy baking, painting, sewing, playing in the snow, and making great snowmen.
The second grade is starting a new block on place value, and are bagging and boxing up 10s and 100s. They also baked rolls in honor of Saint Elizabeth.

Our third grade class started a new main lesson block; they are learning all about grammar. For the third-grader this is an introduction to naming words, doing words, and color words, otherwise known as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Our fifth grade class held an Alex’s Lemonade Stand, raising money to fund important pediatric cancer research. Their hard work and generous donation will make a difference to kids with cancer, helping find better treatments and cures for all childhood cancers.

Sixth grade is creating charcoal sketches of elephants.

Five seventh, four eighth, and one ninth grader left for New Hampshire and Vermont for the annual five-day winter camping trip on Friday, February 14.  

The ninth grade starts gardening this week, and they are learning to sharpen and maintain the pruners and loppers. Soon they will start pruning the trees.

Our eleventh and twelfth grade students are stretching canvasses for portraits (possibly landscapes for eleventh grade) and practice painting features: mixing flesh tones, shading, and more.