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Rose Ceremony

Each year at Kimberton Waldorf School begins and ends with a Rose Ceremony. In the fall, at our welcome assembly, it was the role of the new twelfth graders to present roses to the budding first graders as they begin their journey through the grades.
This simple ceremony is celebrated in many Waldorf schools as a marker of an important transition for the children. Entering the grades is something many of the kindergarteners have thought a lot about and looked forward to. It marks an important developmental milestone as the individuality and capability of each child emerges and grows.
At the end of the school year, another Rose Ceremony takes place. The first graders, grown in height and confidence, offer roses to their twelfth grade buddies, marking another significant transition. The seniors graduate from one community formed by friends and teachers, to another community the students choose and foster on their own.

Click on the photo below to move through a slideshow of images of this wonderful ceremony!

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