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Students Visit from Poland

Eighteen students and two chaperones - including alumnus Benjamin Burg '85 - from Primus Foundation in Warsaw, Poland visited with our seventh grade class and were hosted by sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Kimberton Waldorf School families. The aim was to broaden the students’ historical, cultural, and ecological awareness. The Polish students had a chance to experience Waldorf Education; they participated in daily morning sing, eurythmy, music, gardening, sports, and more. Below is a passage written by Benjamin Berg about their trip to Kimberton, along with photos from their visit.

Summary of Trip to Kimberton 2014
by Benjamin Burg ‘85  

Benjamin Burg, Author of Gaja Learning’s Beyond the Classroom, organized with Fundacja Primus and Kimberton Waldorf School (KWS) the Trip to Kimberton 2014. The Kimberton Waldorf School seventh grade class and their families from May 2 to May 12, 2014 hosted eighteen 1st year Gymnasium students and two teachers from Fundacja Primus.  

The aim was to broaden students’ historical cultural and ecological awareness. Chester County in southeastern Pennsylvania enjoys a rich heritage of early US history; Kimberton Waldorf School is associated and located on an organic dairy farm along with an extensive vegetable garden. The combination of the two provided a balance of activities to keep students engaged while helping the program to reach its academic goals. Students stayed with host families from KWS including one family with a child in the sixth and a child in the eighth grade. It is always amazing how fast relationships are established. Jumping students eagerly waiting to greet their new guests just before midnight was an early indication of the anticipation of new friendships. The American families welcomed the Polish students into their families, throughout the trip comments were abundant on how much fun the students are having, and about their chance to learn about both countries as well as a sense students were developing new sense personal pride.    

Polish students had a chance to see Waldorf educational practices. Students participated in daily morning sing, learning to juggle, eurythmy, music, gardening, and softball practice. One of the highlights from KWS was the Spring Concert, where KWS students sang in choir and performed in full orchestra.    

Polish students visited the University of Pennsylvania and Museum, and the US Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Both classes joined together for a 10km bike ride through historic Valley Forge Park lead by historic guide telling endless stories about life as a soldier in the Continental army.   

In conclusion, we learned that students, families, and teachers value the opportunity to create new friendships from distant lands.

Below are a few pictures from their visit.

Getting ready for a Polish lesson with the seventh grade.

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Learning the basics of softball.

    • softball

Tasting delicious, fresh honey from the school's bee hives.

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Throwing out the first pitch at the baseball game!

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Touring historic Valley Forge Park on bicycles.

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