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Parent Portal 

Parent Referral Program
You, our current parents, are our best advertisers and advocates. To show our appreciation for recommending our school to your friends and family, we have a wonderful referral program. This is our way of thanking you for spreading the word about Kimberton Waldorf School and welcoming new families into our program. How it works: Talk to people about Kimberton Waldorf School. If a brand new (to KWS) family enrolls a student, you will earn a $1,000 credit toward tuition. The new family must state your name upon their very first contact with the school in order for you to receive the credit. Additionally, you must let the Admissions Office know that you've made that referral.

Association of Parents
Every parent is a member of the Association of Parents. We invite you to become involved in one or more of our many schoolwide volunteer efforts.

October 2, 2013: Emergency Operations Plan