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Emergency Operations Plan

An Emergency Operations Plan has been created for Kimberton Waldorf School. This plan includes directives for all types of situations from human hazards and emergencies to natural disasters to hazardous materials handling. The document that was created is a 50-page working document, meaning that it will be continuously reviewed and revised based on experience, research, and changing vulnerabilities. Since early Spring 2013, Allyn Weiser has worked with a police officer and medical doctor who have a consulting business called Tac-Med; their main focus is to work with businesses to develop emergency plans. These men presented insights about emergency situations to the faculty and staff at the in-service meeting this summer. East Vincent Police Chief has also met and worked with Allyn and Bob Godshall and offered assistance with inspections and drills.

In order for the students to feel comfortable seeing police officers as friendly, helpful faces and in order for the East Vincent police force to become very familiar with KWS campus, a police officer will be walking around campus once or twice a week.

We plan to meet monthly as a faculty and staff and review specific emergencies and then conduct drills to act out these emergencies. The Tac-Med consultants mentioned that in the 50+ years that schools have been doing fire drills in the United States there has not been a single death from fire in a school. This is because every school is mandated to have regular fire drills and everyone knows automatically what to do. Being prepared and knowing how to respond enables the School staff to handle any situation that may arise in a way that is responsible and considerate of victims, families, and others in the community. The key to producing positive outcomes during a crisis lies in the preparation. In order to ensure the safety of the students, staff members, and the School, the Emergency Operations Plan will not be available for perusal. Sections that involve parent response and/or participation will be communicated at appropriate times. If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to Allyn in the Business Office. Allyn can be reached at or 610.933.3635 ext. 120.