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Summer Camp Leaders

Kimberton Waldorf School offers an unforgettable summer camp experience for children entering grades K-7, as well as an early childhood camp for children ages 18 months to 4 years old. Our experienced and dedicated camp leaders provide a nurturing and welcoming environment, with a unique balance of hands-on, teacher-led activities and supervised free play.

We invite you to read about our summer camp leaders below.

Early Childhood Summer Camp Leaders (for children ages 18 months - 4 years)

Miriam Greiser – Miriam was a class teacher at Kimberton Waldorf School before joining the Rosebud Garden faculty. She loves working with children and tending to her garden and livestock.

Lisa Platt – Lisa has been working in the kindergarten at Kimberton Waldorf School for two years. She loves working with all ages of children. This summer will be her fifth year of working in a summer camp.

Lia Dancey – Lia is happy to be cooking delicious and nourishing meals for our Rosebud Garden children during the school year and at summer camp. She loves the woods and wild places in the summer.

Kristen McDowell – Kristen is an assistant in the kindergarten at Kimberton Waldorf School and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa before that. Her passions include hiking, studying yoga, working with children, and being a new mom. She is looking forward to her first year at camp.

Ann Buki – Ann began working at Rosebud Garden last September, and loves being a part of its beautiful family. This is her first year working at the summer camp.

Summer Camp Leaders (for children entering grades K-7)

Carmen Maciarello – Lover of the outdoors, children, and animals, Carmen has been a class teacher at Kimberton since 2003. She has been directing our camp for ten years.

Eileen O'Meacham – Mother of three wonderful children, Eileen and her family enjoy canoeing, hiking, and waking to the sound of birds. She has been teaching at the kindergarten summer camp for three years and is excited to share her favorite spots on our glorious campus, such as “the chocolate factory,” “the little creek,” and, of course, Seven Stars Farm!

Rosie Biffis – Rising senior in the high school at Kimberton Waldorf School, Rosie has been working at our summer camp since ninth grade. She loves working with children and being outdoors.

Emily Zegel – Emily graduated this June from Kimberton Waldorf School, having attended since kindergarten. She loves to work with young children and to be outdoors, and has been working at camp for four summers.

Mike Ruhl – Resident arborist and piano accompanist at Kimberton Waldorf School, during the summer Mike gives piano performances weekly to groups of captivated campers, and brings fun and games to our creek visits. Mike has been at camp since our camp started!

Kayla Franklin – Kayla is a rising tenth grader at Kimberton Waldorf School. When she was younger, she attended our summer camp!