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Times have changed. No longer are our donors giving as a way of finding tax benefits. More and more, donors express that they give to Kimberton Waldorf School because it changed their lives, helped them to be better citizens or because they love the way our curriculum is educating the leaders of tomorrow. Our donors say that Kimberton has a very special place in their hearts.

Kimberton Waldorf School has been blessed by incredible philanthropic support from the very beginning. Kimberton Waldorf School was founded in 1941 by Alarik and Mabel Pew Myrin, who had a mission to revive education. For many years, they provided funds to help our school thrive. The Pew Charitable Trusts continues to support our school by providing the necessary funding to complete various campus improvements. Philanthropy allows us to experience something magical — my gift and your gift come together to make possible something that seemed impossible only moments ago.

Through the school’s mission – by creating a school environment that balances academic, artistic, and practical disciplines – Kimberton Waldorf School cultivates a love of learning, creative thinking, a sympathetic interest in the world, self-confidence, and an abiding moral purpose. That is the most vital part of our fundraising appeal. Such a mission makes the school worthy of your philanthropic support. 

Community Spirit Fund

Each year, Kimberton Waldorf School depends on parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends to make an annual gift. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Community Spirit Fund Campaign keeps our school healthy. It bridges the gap between revenue from tuition and the total expenses incurred while providing our quality education. This year, KWS has two goals: raising $250,000 to help bridge the gap between tuition and operating expenses and reaching 100% current family participation.

And every year, we count on the generosity of so many in order to make our Annual Fund Campaign a success. This community effort helps us provide a range of educational programs and services that, without funding, would remain beyond our reach. We cherish our breadth of events and traditions, integrated art, music, and sports curriculums, foreign language, practical arts, and extraordinary academic programs. Your gifts are the key to continuing the excellence of the programs of Kimberton Waldorf School and the precious community life that unfolds beyond the classroom.

Every gift counts. No matter the size of your gift, your donation supports the ongoing operations of the school. In addition to the annual monetary goal, Kimberton Waldorf School Community Spirit Fund campaign has a 100% participation goal from current parents, trustees, and employees. High participation is a vote of confidence, a sign that parents invest in their children’s welfare and support the School’s mission. This percentage can also have an impact on gifts from outside sources such as foundations, businesses, and individuals. When these potential donors know that the immediate community supports the school, they feel confident that their gifts will be well utilized. 100% is a way for each of us to make a gift to one another---to experience how we thrive together as a community.

Here’s what others have to say about why they support our school:

“Does the world need anything more than smart, capable, conscientious, courageous young people? I’m seeing the result of Waldorf education in my son and his classmates. They know who they are, and they’re not afraid of the world; they engage it with confidence. I see nothing in my life more worth supporting than Kimberton Waldorf School.” ~Clifford Story

“Although I don’t have much to donate, I realize that it is important to have 100% participation for grants and other interests. More access to funding gives KWS the opportunity to improve and disband any despair about the school’s ability to exist. Positive actions come from 100% participation.” ~ Sandra Franklin

“I love the school and the well-roundedness of the Waldorf approach—art, crafts, movement etc. My children have done well in the environment and that is no small thing.” ~Dr. Angus Davis

“[I support the school] because my years at Kimberton Farms School (now Kimberton Waldorf School) were wonderful years and I am grateful to have been a student, parent of students, and a Board Member of the school and value what it brings to the lives of those it serves.” ~Suzanne Latham

Thank you for supporting our school!

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