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Association of Parents Meeting
Thursday, October 17, 2013
7:30 pm
HS Library

This was the first quarterly meeting of the association of parents – an opportunity for the various committees to report out to each other and find ways to coordinate efforts.

Community Spirit Fund Committee:
This group is focused on fundraising, an issue of key importance right now as we’ve begun this year without a full-time development director.  Every family is encouraged to contribute to our annual fund, in whatever amount they deem fit (there is no minimum contribution amount… and no maximum, either!).  Our goal is 100% participation, and the first class to reach that milestone will receive honey harvested by students from our garden beehives!

Craft Show Committee:
Our 37th annual juried craft show will take place on December 6-7, here on campus.  Crafting mornings take place every Monday from 8:15am-10:30am in the garden building – all are welcome to help create items for the children’s “little gnome village.”  Proceeds from the craft show will go toward the Terry Neville fund, which aids families who face a financial crisis during the school year.  All classes at the school will have a craft show responsibility; there are other opportunities available for folks interested in getting more involved.

Diversity Committee:
This committee strives to grow diversity and awareness of it in all areas of the school.  There will be a Diwali celebration on 11/16 in the high school gym, with free admission for anyone who volunteers to help with it.  The committee is also planning a schoolwide celebration for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and provided the energy behind our recent “purple” Spirit Day. Throughout the year, the committee will host workshops, look for opportunities to promote social inclusion, and provide input on the curriculum.

Food For Thought:
Volunteers are always welcome in the kitchen!  There are jobs to fit all interests, and volunteers receive credit toward lunches for their children.  In addition to the new ordering system this year, there is a new ‘real food market’ run by the kitchen staff; students have enjoyed stopping in after school for snacks (especially popsicles!). Donations of kitchen items are as welcome as time – stop in to see how you can help and to share some laughs.

Outreach Committee:
This committee doesn’t have regular meetings – they address needs as they arise.  Whether it’s making phone calls, setting up – or baking - for school events, writing reviews, taking photos, putting up signs or finding other ways to spread the word about our school, the outreach committee is open to parents, alums, students… anyone, really!  It’s a great fit for anyone who loves the school and wants to help spread the word from time to time.

Parent Education Committee:
There are a number of parent education and discussion opportunities on their way this year… a series on helping children (of all ages) ‘deal with the digital age,’ a “Waldorf Weekend” workshop run by the Sunbridge Institute, a Wednesday morning reading/book group on one of Rudolf Steiner’s works, occasional casual discussion groups on a variety of parenting topics, and a return of the very popular “science through the grades” program held last year.

Social Events Committee:
Every Friday at 8:00am in the high school gym foyer (the new ‘parent hub’), this committee hosts a relaxed ‘coffee cart social’ open to all parents – join us for (coffee and conversation.  New this year will be a small ‘children’s corner’ with some toys and activities for your little ones to play with while you chat.  This committee also runs the (in)famous and incredibly popular Dads Nights, and helps Alan Wright with the Tweed Rides, an absolute “must” for bicyclists (next ride: 10/26!).

Festivals Committee:
This group is re-enlivening our school festivals, with a focus this year on Michaelmas, Advent, and the May Faire.  They meet every first Saturday of the month in the 3rd grade classroom.  The committee focuses first on understanding the true meaning of these festivals, and then works to develop a celebration that will meaningfully engage the students and the school community.  The wonderful Michaelmas last month was a result of their fantastic work!

Parent Welcoming Committee:
This group is responsible for appointing “mentors” for all of the new families at KWS.  As the year progresses, the committee will conduct a walk-through of the campus to identify ways to improve its visual appeal and warmth, and will work with school staff to revise the various parent handbooks/guides.  Your ideas and suggestions for ways to better welcome new families and embrace the broader community would be most appreciated!