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KWS will be closed for an extended spring break beginning Monday, March 16, 2020.  We will reopen on Monday, April 6, 2020.  For information and resources about COVID19.

Teaching How to Think

From Experience to Concept
Rather than filling students with pre-digested information and concepts to memorize for tests, we begin with experiences and through discussion and other activities help students discover concepts. Our students learn to think like a scientist…

Joy in Learning

Thinking Outside the Testing Box
We believe that learning is naturally an exciting and joyful experience. We seek to cultivate that sense of joy in learning in our students by bringing subject matter to our students in ways that speak to where they are in their stage of development…

Developmental Education

The Right Thing at the Right Time
The Waldorf curriculum is designed to keep pace with a child’s stage of development, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We introduce new concepts or new skills when children are ready to learn them…

The Block System: Going Deeper

Rather than filling each day with 40 or 50 minutes classes in Lower School and in High School, we start each day focusing on a particular academic subject that we will study in depth for two hours everyday for about a month. During that two hour class our students aren’t just sitting listening to a lecture.

Learning in the World

Internships and Practicums
KWS provides our high school students with opportunities to learn in the world through internships and practicums. In most years of high school students participate in one week off-campus learning experiences that we call practicums…

The Art of Education

Creativity vs Standardization
In Waldorf Education, the creativity of the teacher is central to the pedagogy. Each teacher is tasked to bring their subject matter to the students in a way that is engaging and enlivening and appropriate for the developmental stage of the students…


The Right Amount at the Right Time
Parents across the educational spectrum have been raising concerns about the amount of homework their children are expected to do every night. Even pre-school children are expected to do homework in some schools…

The Role of Play

In Early Childhood Education
Recent research by developmental and educational psychologists and neuroscientists have confirmed what Waldorf Education has known for years. Play is the most important component of early childhood education…

Nature as Teacher

A considerable amount has been written recently about the important role that nature plays in healthy human development, and as an important aspect of education. The Waldorf curriculum seeks to help students develop a healthy connection to the natural world…

Learning Through Relationships

The Role of the Teacher
We think that the relationship between a teacher and student is just as important as the material being learned. For that reason we provide opportunities for our students and teachers to work with each other over a series of years…

Head, Heart & Hands

Whole Child Education
Waldorf Education is dedicated to educating the whole child: head, heart, and hands. We do this through a well balanced curriculum of academics, arts, and practical experiences with the goal of engaging the students’ intellectually…

Healthy School – Healthy Children

KWS is dedicated to promoting the health of our students. Our students do not spend their day sitting in front of computers under artificial lights, but have the opportunities to move and use their bodies in healthy ways, and to spend time outdoors in the natural environment.

Our School Garden & Our 425 Acres

KWS is located on 425 acres of beautiful Chester County farmland. Our organic and biodynamic dairy farm produces the area’s best yogurt. Our students develop an appreciation for the earth and an understanding for what it takes to grow good, healthful food in our organic school garden.

Parent Conferences Rosebud-Gr 7

Parent Conferences Rosebud - Gr 7

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