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Mission & Vision


Kimberton Waldorf School is dedicated to nurturing the developing child in accordance with the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner, and to building a supportive, diverse community around the children.

In our school community we endeavor to create social forms that ennoble human striving, recognizing the spiritual in each person.

The school fosters the unfolding individuality of each child by awakening the child’s capacity to meet the world, others, and the self with
warmth of heart,
clarity of thought,
and strength of purpose.




We will seek to employ individuals with a high level of competence in their fields, who have enthusiasm for working in an endeavor based on the educational and social principles of Rudolf Steiner. We strive for a diverse staff that will work out of a spirit of mutual support and collegiality.



Through deepening our understanding of the developing child and the pedagogy given by Rudolf Steiner and developed by Waldorf teachers around the world, we strive to meet the needs of the growing child in a changing world.


Financial Support

Kimberton Waldorf School is supported in many different ways. Financially, our support comes from tuition, gifts, grants, and income from the school’s invested funds. We seek to find mutually responsible financial relationships by:

  • Considering tuition as support for the whole school rather than as fees for an individual child’s education
  • Maintaining a strong financial aid program to foster a socio-economically diverse student body
  • Offering salaries to support individuals so that they may offer their skills and talents in service to the children and the school
  • Applying gifts to the work of supporting this school and Waldorf education in the world



Our community includes students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. Our vision of community is to meet each other in such a way that the uniqueness of each one is honored, that each may find his or her way to contribute to the community as a whole. In this way, we, as a community, may be a positive influence on the larger culture.

The community of Kimberton Waldorf School practices the building of supportive and renewing relationships by:

  • Initiating an openness in governance processes
  • Creating a school community that is racially, economically, ethnically, and socially diverse
  • Fostering mutually enriching relationships with alumni
  • Developing relationships among anthroposophical initiatives
  • Initiating outreach activities that demonstrate the unique aspects of Waldorf education to the wider community



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