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Waldorf 100 – Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education

Act locally, affect globally:

Steiner/Waldorf schools change the world

1,100 schools and 1,700 kindergartens practice Waldorf educational principles in over 80 countries on all continents of the earth. One hundred years after the first Waldorf school opened, the movement has become a world-wide force for educating young people by promoting individual freedom, equality and brotherhood, and the peaceful coexistence of humanity.

Waldorf educational initiatives are as diverse as the people who work together under so many different cultural, social, geographical, religious and political conditions. Our efforts are bound together by a common ethos, recreated again and again by focusing on the developing human being.

Our Centennial is being celebrated all over the world by every Waldorf school. Five large-scaled joint projects are in process and many individual school projects are being planned. Networked festivities are scheduled to take place on all continents. Our major joint Centennial festival will be held on September 19, 2019 in Berlin.

Join us in preparing for and celebrating Waldorf 100!

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The Centennial celebration, what schools are doing, and how you can get involved

Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education

Postcard Exchange – Waldorf 100

To celebrate the upcoming Centennial of Waldorf Education and to connect us to the thousands of other Waldorf schools around the world, Waldorf 100 has created a postcard exchange project.

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