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Tuition & Tuition Assistance

Kimberton Waldorf is pleased to present our



2018-2019 Tuition by Grade Level

Parent-Child Class$     900
Rosebud Garden – 2 Half Days (ThF)$   4,450
Rosebud Garden – 3 Half Days (MTW)$   6,500
Rosebud Garden – 4 Half Days (M-Th)$   8,600
Rosebud Garden – 5 Half Days (M-F)$ 10,750
Rosebud Garden – 2 Full Days (ThF)$   6,925
Rosebud Garden – 3 Full Days (MTW)$ 10,800
Rosebud Garden – 4 Full Days (M-Th)$ 12,400
Rosebud Garden – 5 Full Days (M-F)$ 15,500
Kindergarten – 4 Half Days (M-Th)$  8,600
Kindergarten – 5 Half Days (M-F)$ 10,650
Kindergarten – 4 Full Days (M-Th)$ 12,400
Kindergarten – 5 Full Days (M-F)$ 15,500
Grades 1-4$ 15,500
Grades 5-8$ 16,500
Grades 9-12$ 18,500

Music lesson fees are included in the tuition for students through grade 8.

Organic snacks and lunches are included in the tuition for full-day Rosebud Garden students.

Organic snacks are included in the tuition for Kindergarten students.

Additional Fees:

Non-Refundable program and material fees:

Full time students    $1,125

2 Days                     $   450

3 Days                     $   675

4 Days                     $   900

For those families choosing a payment plan, there is an additional fee for tuition insurance.

Music lessons for students in grades 9-12 carry an additional fee.

Organic school lunches (optional, but recommended) for students in grades K-12 carry an additional fee.

We offer an extended day program for students remaining at school later than 3:15 pm. It is billed at $8 per hour for students in grades K-6 and at $10 per hour for Rosebud Garden students.

Tuition Assistance

Kimberton Waldorf School understands and honors the commitment of families to provide a Waldorf education for their children. We are proud to partner with families through our tuition assistance program to help make an independent Waldorf school education possible.

Tuition assistance is available for students in 4-5 full-day Rosebud and Kindergarten, and in grades 1 through 12. Families must reapply each year.

New families are eligible to apply for tuition assistance as soon as they apply for admission to the school (application is available November 1 of the preceding academic year), however decisions will not be made until the student completes the process and is accepted.  Students interested in enrolling after the start of the school year will be considered if funds remain.

Applications from current families for the following school year must be received by February 5 so that tuition assistance awards can be offered with the re-enrollment contracts. Late applications will be reviewed after the tuition assistance process for new families has been completed; any remaining funds will then be awarded to qualified late applicants.

Think you can’t afford a KWS education? Think again.


  • Complete the online Parent Financial Statement (PFS) appropriate for your family’s circumstances. You must upload your Federal Tax Return and other required documents as indicated in the online instructions.  Self-employed individuals are required to complete the Family Farm and Business Form, which is also available online.
  • A written explanation of any special circumstances of which the Tuition Assistance Committee needs to be aware should be emailed to [email protected]

Download the Tuition and Tuition Policies and Procedures

Download the Family Guide to Tuition Assistance

Download the Workbook and Instruction Booklet

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call the Business Office at 610-933-3635, ext. 128.

Additional options for financing K-12 education




529 Education Saving Plan529 plans are versatile savings accounts that offer federal, and sometimes state, tax benefits, while minimizing impact on financial aid. They are operated by a state or educational institution, and are designed to help families set aside funds for future college and K-12 education costs.

Flexible Spending AccountsA Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA) is a pre-tax benefit account used to pay for eligible dependent care services, such as preschool, summer day camp and before or after school programs.  Check with your FSA for eligible services.


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