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We are extremely proud of our alumni who have left Kimberton Waldorf School to do some amazing things. From volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico to gaining the prestige of being named, “The Julia Child of compost,” there are countless stories that we can share. One alumna spent a summer in Botswana helping people with AIDS while another was teaching children in an orphanage how to use a computer and sew. When leaving Kimberton Waldorf School, we experience graduates who are bold and see that the world is their canvas to create, engage, and change.

Please visit this page often as we will continually update the stories from our alumni. We hope that if you attended KWS for any period of time in our 75 year history that you can send us an update to share with other alumni, parents, and prospective students.

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Fall in Love with Learning

What is really valued at a school like Columbia is an interest to get to the heart of the matter, whether it be a political debate, geology, languages, literature, art history, or physics. And it is precisely this spark, this curiosity that blossomed at Kimberton. With the liberal arts curriculum and focus on understanding rather than simple memorizing, we were engaged in the ideas and problem solving – the abstract and the practical. In simplest terms, Kimberton gave me a chance to fall in love with the process of learning.


Kathryn Minogue ’00 Columbia University November 17, 2016

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