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Coach Troy talks about the strengths of KWS athletes

An interview with Coach Troy Daniel

Having spent several years here at Kimberton Waldorf coaching both our boy’s and girl’s varsity basketball teams, Coach Troy talks about what makes Kimberton’s athletes not only strong players but great people.


What do you try to instill in the players?

I always work to instill confidence in my players. I analyze their skill level and work to get them to believe in what they are capable of doing NOW. 

What motivates our kids?

Kimberton Waldorf students are motivated by achievement and team work. They are a very close student body and thrive by working together to achieve goals.

What changes do you see happening in players over the course of the season?

I witness diverse changes in our players throughout the season. Some go thru physical changes like growth and strength. The most common change that I see is self-confidence.

Why are you proud of our program?

I’m most proud of the Kimberton Students. They are intelligent, kind and caring. 

What are your goals for the program?  

Our goals are to learn, grow and have fun. Basketball gives its players a chance to learn more about what they can achieve. It also helps players to grow as an individual. They do things that sometimes they weren’t aware they could do. At the end of the day, basketball is a sport – a game – so I want them to have fun. 

Coach Troy Daniel is in his second year coaching Kimberton Waldorf’s boy’s varsity team. Before that, he coached the girl’s varsity team for 2 years. Troy is a Basketball Skills Development Specialist who has acquired extensive basketball experience as a player, coach, scout and skill performance instructor for Pro, College and Elite High School talent. Troy has designed basketball skill development platforms that improve all facets of a players skill set.

Coach TroyTroy has established relationships with NBA Player Personnel Professionals, Overseas Scouts and College Coaches. He has unique insight into preparing players for the next level, whether College or Professional. He has customized development programs for players who are preparing for professional pre-draft camps, preseason/summer training and who are making the transition from high school to college basketball. Troy focuses on key fundamental areas needed to create Proper, Measurable Skill Development and Physical Performance success.



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Mailing Address: PO Box 350, Kimberton, PA 19442 

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