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Compassionate Risk Taking for a Positive Future – Nov 15

Oct 25, 2018 | Events, Parent Education

Join Misha Golfman in an intimate and practical exploration of the positive outcomes that come from allowing our children and teenagers to take healthy natural risks, while taking our own risks as parents.  How do we build family habits that foster young adults towards healthy empowerment, connection, and an altruistic willpower for engaging with the world?  We will explore parenting styles and introduce practical ideas for home design, family habits and systems, schooling, social life, and community engagement for social and environmental change.  Working together we will imagine a world where we put the interests of others before our own, live in communities based on trust, and turn our consumptive relationship with the natural world to one of balance and reverence for life.

Thursday, November 15, 2018 – 7:30-9:00pm in the KWS high school library

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Misha Golfman is the founder and executive director of Kroka Expeditions, a farm-based wilderness expedition school in Marlow, New Hampshire that serves more than one thousand students each year with a unique approach to both academic education and youth development.  Kroka’s campus is a sustainable village and organic farm that connects students to the earth through the daily manual labor and engagement with the elements that provides our shelter, water, and food.  Kroka’s wilderness expeditions replicate the critical and unique ancient human experiences that date back in history to the earliest nomadic peoples on earth.  Whether paddling, cycling, hiking, or skiing, traveling together outdoors actually creates the experience of here and now that can otherwise be impossible to find in the modern technological world.  Together, the lessons from the farm and the expedition reveal the essential elements of developing young people into healthy and engaged positive human beings – and these lessons can be applied anywhere – in urban or rural settings, across cultures, and in any type of family and home.  As a parent and educator Misha considers creating opportunities for healthy risk a central theme in his life and work.

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