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Kimberton Waldorf School has a widely recognized and well developed Sports Program. League sports begin in sixth grade and continue through twelfth grade. In the middle school, the emphasis is on teaching the basic skills of each sport and giving each student a chance to participate. Skill development continues into the high school years as students gain a deeper understanding of the strategy of play on both defense and offense. Underlying our entire program is a strong emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, respect for officials and respect for each other. The program is voluntary at Kimberton in the Middle School. Participation in one sport is mandatory in the High School.

In the Middle School, our Bantam Sports Program offers soccer, cross country, and girls’ tennis in the fall; in the winter we have basketball teams; and in the spring we offer lacrosse, track, and boys’ tennis. Teams practice three times a week, and compete in a league of independent schools. We host a Bantam Mini-Basketball Tournament for regional Waldorf Schools early each January, and attend the Green Meadow Waldorf School’s Bantam Basketball Tournament in Spring Valley, NY every February.

The High School Varsity Sports Program offers soccer, cross country running, and volleyball, and girls’ tennis in the fall. In the winter we offer basketball. Students on our varsity basketball teams participate in a yearly Waldorf School Basketball Tournament hosted at Kimberton and attended by many other Waldorf Schools from as far away as Toronto. In the spring we offer lacrosse, track and boys’ tennis. Teams practice four times a week and compete in the Tri-County Independent School League (TCISL).

Contact Information
Elizabeth M. Cuesta Clough, Director of Athletics
Kimberton Waldorf School
410 West Seven Stars Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460
610.933.3635 ext: 131

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