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The Waldorf curriculum does not limit learning to the classroom, but rather, it brings the student into the world. Each year the curriculum includes an appropriate vocational practicum (like an internship) and several outdoor adventures.

Agricultural Practicum: In Grade 9, students have a Main Lesson called the Agricultural Practicum that offers all students the opportunity to experience work on a farm or in a garden for a one-week period.

Artisan Practicum: In Grade 10, all students participate in an Artisan Practicum, where they work with a local artisan to learn how to create a product and take it to market.

Social Service Practicum: In Grade 11, all students participate in a one or two-week Social Service Practicum, where they continue to grow the love of serving others.

Career Elective Practicum: Seniors have an opportunity to learn about a specific career by being a volunteer in that field for a 1-or 2-week period. In previous years, seniors shadowed cancer researchers, working as music producers, and assisted in kindergartens.

Outdoor Education Program: In conjunction with certain Main Lessons, each class participates in at least one week-long outdoor adventure that develops themes in the academic work. Imagine canoeing the James River and backpacking the Appalachian Trail, while reading Homer’s Odyssey and discussing it over the campfire!

Foreign Exchange Program: The students can readily participate in foreign exchange programs with Waldorf Schools in Europe and in other parts of the world. For over 20 years, Kimberton has had exchanges with schools in Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Senior Projects: During their 12th grade year, our students are given the opportunity to show personal initiative and independence in a study or project of their choice. Recent projects include filmmaking; writing, directing and starring in a one-act play; landscape gardening; and gourmet cooking.

Community Service Program: The Community Service Program starts in Grade 9 and encourages students to develop a concern and willingness to help those with special needs in our society. In an average year our 90 high school students clock over 5,000 community service hours.

Activities Requirement: To fulfill the activities requirement, each High School student participates in at least one after-school activity each year. Students who pursue extra-curricular activities outside of school may request to have such an activity fulfill the activities requirement for two of their four years in the school.


Can Go Out and Do Anything

Waldorf Education opens the student to experiences and teaches the student to understand that he or she can go out and do practically anything in the world!

Deshka Foster ’03 Stanford University, Fulbright Fellow November 17, 2016

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