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Early Childhood

Central to all of our early childhood programs is the preservation of childhood.

Our Early Childhood teachers strive to preserve the innocence and innate wonder of early childhood by creating a secure, inviting, joyful environment. The day unfolds in a natural way following a dependable rhythm that gives the children a sense of security and consistency. Drawing, watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, baking, handwork, woodwork, storytelling, puppetry, and outdoor play are among the activities that nourish the children’s natural sense of awe and wonder and create an environment worthy of imitation. At Kimberton, children bake bread, they develop dexterity through finger-knitting and working with beeswax, they tend a garden, and they are enriched with nature stories, puppet plays, storytelling and festivals. Seasonal activities such as planting bulbs, raking leaves, gathering fruit or making jam nurtures a reverence for the natural world.

Parent Child Class

Parent Child Class

Honoring the young child’s imaginative capacity in play, setting a mood of wonder, reverence, and enthusiasm. We strive to support parents in strengthening their parenting skills and in creating a healthy and joyful home life.

Rosebud Garden Preschool

Rosebud Garden Preschool

Rosebud Garden provides for the young child an environment held by rhythm, surrounded by beauty, carried by wonder, respect, and reverence for all life building a healthy childhood foundation that enables each child to become a self-directed, aware, and compassionate human being.



Kimberton Waldorf School offers one of the area’s only full-day, mixed-age kindergarten programs, serving children ages 4 to 6 years old. Our kindergarten program is carefully designed to respond to the developmental needs of the young child through creative, play-based learning.

What is it like to be part of the Kimberton Waldorf School Early Childhood Programs?

There is nothing like your first glimpse into a Waldorf preschool or kindergarten classroom. You might first notice the soft pastel colors that surround you. You might be intrigued by the natural wooden toys, soft silks and fabrics. Maybe you’ll be amazed at how busy the children are – so much so that it is likely they won’t even notice you! Some children might be grinding wheat to make their own loaves of bread or they might be stacking wooden crates and pretending they are animals in the zoo. You immediately get swept away and feel nurtured, interested, and alive. Imagine how the students feel each day!

The toys in our Early Childhood programs are simple: wooden toys, shells, stones, logs, branches, colored fabrics, sheep’s wool, and cloth dolls. With these simple toys, imaginative play is nurtured and transforms into creative, independent thought in later stages of learning. Our beautiful 430 acre campus with its rolling hills, babbling brook and forest provides a natural setting that will support creative, self-initiated play of the young child. Daily play outside provides a direct experience of nature and the seasons so that a healthy relationship with nature can develop.

Daily outdoor play, in all kinds of weather, is an integral part of Waldorf education. All of our early childhood programs spend time outside on the school’s breathtaking 430-acre campus, with its rolling hills, farm and gardens, conservation trail, bubbling creeks, and wooded areas. Outdoor play allows children the opportunity to play, explore, and immerse themselves in the natural environment — giving them the opportunity to use their imaginations, develop critical thinking skills, stretch their muscles, and hone their motor skills.

"The Parent-Child class at KWS is a beautiful experience that offered my daughter and I the opportunity to build community with a small group of mothers with toddlers or infants. Early childhood is a time when our children are learning to get to their feet (standing, balancing, walking and running) and we, as mothers, are trying to find our feet under us in our new parenting role. Molly (the teacher) gently introduced the concept of healthy rhythms and routines in a supportive home-like environment where our children delight in exploration and play and parents delight in camaraderie and personal development of our own." - Beth

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