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Harnessing the Sun at KWS

Mar 30, 2015 | Kimberton Making News

The Green Committee has taken Kimberton Waldorf School solar! On the main campus this spring, you will see the flowform waterfall, located behind the gymnasium, gracefully moving on mild to full-sun days due to a solar-powered pump. KWS father of three and owner of Stokes Solar, John Stokes, installed the pump to power the flowform. The pole-mounted solar panel can be found on the hill located behind the pond.

John also recently completed a solar-powered automatic door for the chicken coop, built by last year’s third graders, at Rosebud Garden. The solar module is mounted on the roof of the chicken coop. The hands-free door is set on a timer to automatically open at dusk to enable the chickens to free-range by day and then it closes at dusk, right in time for roosting.

Roof-mounted solar panel for automatic chicken coop door at Rosebud Garden:


John Stokes, who installed the solar array, has his two sons, Maxwell and Julian, help him energize this system:


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