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Wonder, reverence, and awe are at the heart of the Kimberton Waldorf kindergarten experience.

Our kindergarten program provides a warm and nurturing foundation for young children and allows unhurried time for exploration and nature-based learning.  We create an inviting, carefully structured and intentional atmosphere in all of our kindergarten classrooms.

Vigorous, healthy play and sensory stimulation provide the activities needed for language development, dexterity, math skills, social skills and creative thinking. Circle time movements, along with indoor and outdoor play, strengthen each child’s sense of well-being, confidence, security and touch. This builds a healthy lifestyle and creates a solid foundation for the physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills that will be further developed in their ongoing education.

We offer one of the area’s only full-day, mixed-age kindergarten programs, serving children ages 4 to 6 years old. Our program is carefully designed to respond to the developmental needs of young children through creative, play-based learning and outdoor education. Our teachers work closely with parents in a way that forms a bridge for the child between home and school from the earliest years. This not only builds a sense of community, but also creates a foundation of security and trust.

Explore Our Full-Day or Half-Day Options

We offer two kindergarten program options: The Rose Kindergarten Classroom or the Forest, Farm and Field Kindergarten. Both options offer either half-day kindergarten or full-day kindergarten.

Children who participate in our full-day program have the option to purchase a healthy, home cooked meal from our organic school lunch program, Food For Thought, or bring a lunch from home. The children then transition into a quiet rest time as they unwind from their morning activities. Following rest time, the children play outside until the full-day program ends at 3:10PM. We also offer quality after-school childcare to accommodate the needs of working parents. With the aftercare program, the day can then extend until 5:30PM.

  • This program is for children four to six years of age.
  • The half-day program runs 8AM to 12PM (need to verify times).
  • Children may attend for either four or five days.


Our Rose Kindergarten Classroom program encourages children to learn through play, purposeful work, and practical and artistic activities. Our children develop lifelong capacities for creative thinking, healthy foundational senses, self-confidence, and readiness and excitement for academic learning.

Learn more about our Rose Kindergarten

Our Rose Kindergarten Classroom teachers work to establish a familiar daily rhythm that includes creative free play, a focus on domestic activities, and significant time spent outdoors.  Drawing, handwork, watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, woodwork, and puppetry all nurture the child’s imagination and preserve the innocence and innate wonder of early childhood.  As they care for the classroom, bake, prepare nutritious snacks, lead circle time activities, and tell stories, our teachers lead by example and the children learn naturally through healthy imitation.

Every day, the children are immersed in the natural world through open-ended outdoor play—exploring our beautiful campus and visiting our own Applewood Farm and our farm animals. Our kindergarten teachers model the practical activities of daily life so that the child can participate in them and also imitate these activities in play. Our play-based education process is integrated into all classroom activities, rather than being a separate component of the school day.

“The task of the kindergarten teacher is to adapt the practical activities of daily life so that they are suitable for the child’s imitation through play.  In the kindergarten, the most important thing is to give the children the opportunity to directly imitate life itself.” – Rudolf Steiner, Founder of Waldorf Education


Held outdoors, our Forest, Field and Farm Kindergarten program is the epitome of nature-based education. Children are encouraged to play, explore, and immerse themselves in the natural environment of their outdoor classroom. They use their imagination, develop critical thinking skills, stretch their muscles, and hone their motor skills on our breathtaking 430-acre campus.

Learn more about the Forest, Field & Farm Kindergarten

Our Forest, Field and Farm Kindergarten program follows the same developmental activities happening in our Rose Kindergarten classrooms. Following daily and weekly rhythms, the children begin with morning free play in our kindergarten building. Then the class heads off to spend the rest of the morning outside. Some days begin with a visit to the nearby farm or to the school’s garden before making their way into the woods on campus. The day-to-day curriculum in our Forest Kindergarten grows out of the ever-changing environment. The children are busy working in the garden, observing animals, witnessing changes in the land, crafting, and playing in nature’s playground. These kinds of activities develop a deep sense of wonder about the natural world and lay the foundation for scientific inquiry. Sticks, acorns, leaves, and other treasures become props for imaginative play and instruments for counting, sorting, and pattern-recognition. Then, storytelling, songs, and poems provide a rich, language-based experience. The day continues with circle time, snack, discoveries and play. After cleaning up the outdoor classroom, the children head back to the main campus for lunch and rest with the other kindergarten classes. On Friday’s, all of our kindergarten children are together in one of the Rose Kindergarten classrooms for a special day with the kindergarten teachers.

“At a time when children are experiencing less outdoor free-play and parents are concerned with their children’s lack of exposure to nature, we are excited to offer an outdoor early childhood program that focuses on nature-based, hands-on learning. Modeled after similar programs that are gaining in popularity worldwide, our forest kindergarten focuses on outdoor play and early learning experiences that enable young children to develop self-confidence, independence, and resilience. Children are able to run, climb, crawl, balance, and move in a variety of landscapes, fostering physical development — which is essential to healthy cognitive, social, and emotional growth in the years ahead.” – Kevin Hughes, Dean of School.

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"The task of the kindergarten teacher is to adapt the practical activities of daily life so that they are suitable for the child’s imitation through play. In the kindergarten, the most important thing is to give the children the opportunity to directly imitate life itself." -Rudolf Steiner, Founder of Waldorf Education

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