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Postcard Exchange – Waldorf 100

Sep 15, 2017 | Events, Waldorf 100

Postcards connect us – all around the world!

To celebrate our Centennial and to connect us to the thousands of other Waldorf schools around the world, Waldorf 100 has created a postcard exchange project.

The idea of exchanging postcards is as simple as it is enchanting: When every Waldorf school in the world sends just one (real!) postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world, then 1,100 postcards will arrive in every school! Each school could create a huge display, a “card wall from the world” that everyone can touch and feel, making the Waldorf network a personal reality for many. A million-fold Waldorf greeting from around the globe.

To make the idea a reality, the Waldorf 100 team has sent every Waldorf school a package containing 1,200 blank postcards already bearing all the different school addresses. The cards have been printed with environmentally friendly inks using climate-neutral printing on Blue Angel paper. For realizing this project in a sustainable way, the team worked together with an eco-friendly printing partner. The back side is empty, so that the pupils can design and decorate themselves and, of course, add the name and address of their school. The whole school community can participate in the process, creating cards that reflect each individual school.

We have begun to receive postcards from schools around the globe.


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