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Rosebud Garden: Chicken Coop

Mar 30, 2015 | In the Classroom

If you’ve driven by our Rosebud Garden lately, you may have noticed the beautiful new chicken coop. The coop was built last spring by Ms. Maciarello’s class, as a third grade building project. What fun it was to put in the floor and to nail down the shingles on the roof β€”the children learned so much! Many parents helped with the project, but special mention must go to two fathers: Tyler Donald who designed and helped with the early parts of the building, and Craig Boroson, who helped to finish the project in the late spring and into the summer.

The chicken coop arrived at Rosebud in the early winter. In February, the coop’s first residents β€” chickens from Rosebud Cottage teacher Ona O’Hara’s flock β€” moved in.

The chickens are very content in their gorgeous chicken coop and the children have been able to collect eggs. On March 18, Ms. Maciarello, our fourth grade teacher, along with two fourth grade parents, walked with the class from main campus to Rosebud to officially thank them for the beautiful coop. Rosebud children colored thank you pictures for the class and also had a gift to present to the class β€” hard-boiled eggs and some potted spring flowers! They also had potted spring flowers to present to the two parents who built the coop with the children.

We are so very grateful for the beautiful coop and we recognize all the hard work that went into making it!